Reasons Why Men Buy Sex Dolls

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There really are many reasons why men buy sex dolls. It is fair to say that pretty much every living, breathing person on the planet has sexual urges at some point in their life. Plenty of guys are lucky enough to have no problems meeting women, having relationships with women, and having sex with women.

However, there are plenty of guys who find this extremely difficult. This could be for a variety of reasons ranging from social awkwardness or disabilities to work related commitments that get in the way of any kind of social life.

The simple truth is that there are plenty of people, both men and women, out there who find themselves lonely or unable to fulfil their sexual desires.

These days it is socially acceptable for women to buy and own sex toys. The same can not be said when it comes to sex toys for men. This is however starting to change which can only be seen as a good thing.

Top Reasons Why Men Buy Sex Dolls

1 – Intimacy With A Sex Doll is Close to the Real Thing

Reasons Why Men Buy Sex Dolls - Should I Buy A Sex Doll or Love Doll

The truly wonderful thing about sex dolls is they are quite literally designed and manufactured to look and feel just like a real woman. This means a sex with a sex doll is as close to the real thing as you could ever get.

A sex doll will never turn you down and will always be willing to try and do anything. This has huge advantages over watching an adult movie while masturbating.

2 – Companionship Without Complications

Believe it or not sex dolls offer much more than just sex. The majority of sex doll owners treat them as a real living person. It is very common for men who own sex dolls to feel an exceptionally strong connection to their doll. They eat meals together, watch movies and TV together, bath together, and relax together.

Most sex doll owners will tell you they love the fact a doll will never ever judge them. They can be themselves without any fear of rejection or ridicule. There will be no arguments or fights. No need to meet certain expectation. Only genuine love.

3 – Sex Dolls Can Improve Sexual Performance

A huge number of guys have issues in the bedroom. This can cause all kinds of hurt, upset, and worry for both the man and the woman. The most common issues tend to be related to erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation.

As with all things in life practice makes perfect as the saying goes. One of the most common reasons why men buy sex dolls is for practice. A sex doll can perfectly replicate the experience and excitement of being with a woman. Therefore they are perfect for practicing your technique and learning to work on the likes of your sexual stamina.

They are also a great way of improving your confidence in the bedroom. Many men believe the likes of erectile dysfunction is in part down to low confidence. A sex doll is the perfect way to work on such issues.

4 – Fulfilling Sexual Fantasies

Reasons Why Men Buy Sex Dolls - Should I Buy A Sex Doll or Love Doll

Even men who are in longterm relationships can find themselves unable to fulfil certain sexual fantasies. This could be because they are uncomfortable telling their partner about them. This could be for any number of reasons. There is also many, many situations where a woman may be fully aware of her partners sexual fantasies but is uncomfortable satisfying them. Obviously, this can and usually does lead to high levels of sexual frustration.

This is another of the reasons why men buy sex dolls. With a sex doll you can quite literally live out any sexual fantasy with her. There is no fear of ridicule or feeling weird. Whether it is simply dressing a sex doll up in clothing you find sexy or an actual sex act a doll will always be ready and always be willing.

5 – Sleeping Around Without Being Unfaithful

It is not just single men who own sex dolls. It is becoming more and more common for men in relationships or who are married to own a doll.

The great thing about sex dolls is they allow you to have sex with someone else without being unfaithful to your partner. This could hugely benefit a relationship especially when there is no cheating involved. How many times do you hear of one partner having a higher libido than the other? A sex doll is the perfect solution.

Some couples even buy a sex doll to use together. Many couples share a fantasy of having a threesome but are uncomfortable or unwilling to invite a third party into their relationship. A sex doll is the perfect way for couples to explore a threesome sexual fantasy without involving a third party.

6 – No Fear STD’s

One of the biggest problems with sleeping around is the fear of contracting a STD. Whether you have met a woman you plan to have sex with or if you use the services of a prostitute there is always the threat and worry you will contract an STD.

Another of the reasons why men buy sex dolls is simply because a doll totally eliminates the risk of contracting an STD. Sex with a love doll is probably the safest form of safe sex you could ever hope of having.

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Reasons Why Men Buy Sex Dolls - Should I Buy A Sex Doll or Love Doll

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