Best Sex Doll Retailers

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Recently the popularity of sex dolls seems to have skyrocketed. This has led to a surge in people looking for the best sex doll retailers where they can buy their dream sex doll. While there are physical shops around that sell sex doll the very best sex doll retailers are found online.

As with most things on the internet you have to, above everything else, make sure that you buy your doll from a reputable supplier. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned money on an inferior product or with a retailer that delivers subpar service.

We have carried out lots of research, even purchased several sex dolls along the way, to find the best sex doll retailers out there. Hopefully our research will help you find the best sex doll retailers where you can buy the perfect sex doll without any headaches or nasty surprises.

1 – Silicon Wives – Best Sex Doll Retailer Overall

Best Sex Doll Retailers Online - Best Sex Doll Shop - Where to Buy a Sex Doll

If you are looking to buy a sexy doll from a highly reliable and trusted vendor the place you should look is Silicon Wives.

As you would expect from one of the best sex doll retailers they have a  website which is well laid out and easy to navigate. They have sex dolls for sale from many of the top manufacturers including WM Doll, Sino Doll, 6YE Doll, and many more. They even offer the opportunity to customize sex dolls at the point of sale.

What really makes Silicon Wives stand out is the fact they offer customers a payment plan. Combined with the fact they have sex dolls for sale for all budgets means sex dolls are in available for all budgets.

Another factor that makes Silicon Wives one of the best sex doll retailers is that they offer a solid shipping and returns policy. This online sex doll retailer offer free shipping to any part of the world. This does exclude taxes and any other charges incurred for non-US orders.

Returns Policy

Should you have any issues when you receive your doll from Silicon Wives they ask you notify them immediately. They are more than happy to offer a full refund and will even refund any shipping fees if you return the doll unused.


  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Payment Plan Available
  • Online Live Chat Support


  • Range of Sex Dolls Is Limited

Visit the Silicon Wives website here.

2 – Sexy Real Sex Dolls – Largest Range of Sex Dolls

Best Sex Doll Retailers Online - Best Sex Doll Shop - Where to Buy a Sex Doll

Sexy Real Sex Dolls is not only one of the best sex doll retailers it happens to offer the largest range of dolls. If you cannot find what you are looking for here it is unlikely that you will find it anywhere.

This online sex doll retailer allows you to customize all the dolls that they sell. Should there be any aspect of a doll that you would like to change just ask and they will oblige you. Body type, hair color and style, skin tone, and a wide variety of other attributes can all be altered at the point of sale.

What really does stand out about Sexy Real Sex Dolls is not just the huge collection of TPE sex dolls. It is that they offer free shipping anywhere in the world. When you consider the size and weight of a sex doll free worldwide shipping can easily save you a good chunk of money.

Sexy Real Sex Dolls offer a wide range of payment options when it comes to buying a sex doll. They offer everything from credit and debit cards through to various forms of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

Refunds Policy

The one and only negative thing about Sexy Real Sex Doll is that they do not offer refunds. They do offer a replacement service should your doll be damaged in transit or suffer from a manufacturing defect. This of course is on the condition that any damaged sex doll is returned to them unused and that you did not cause the damage yourself.


  • Massive Range of Sex Dolls For Sale
  • Online Live Customer Support Chat
  • Highly Discrete Free Worldwide Shipping


  • No Refunds
  • Cost of Shipping Returns is Down to You

Visit the Sexy Real Sex Dolls website here.

3 – Sexy Sex Doll – Official Authorized WM Doll Seller

Best Sex Doll Retailers Online - Best Sex Doll Shop - Where to Buy a Sex Doll

There are plenty of online sex doll retailer that sell WM Doll products. However, there are not many like Sexy Sex Doll that can claim to be genuine and official WM Doll sellers.

It is not just the fact Sexy Sex Doll is an official seller of WM Doll that makes them one of the best sex doll retailers online. It is the fact they also carry a large selection of dolls by other brands Such brands include the likes of YL Doll and Climax Doll.

In total this online sex doll retailer has more than 200 dolls on sale at any given time. With a selection like that pretty much everyone should be able to find their perfect sex doll.

This online sex doll retailer offers a range of convenient ways to pay. They accept all major credit cards along with PayPal and the PayPal instalment plan. This is a great option that will help you spread the cost of your sex doll over a set period of time.

They make sure orders are shipped out both securely, safely, and discreetly. Something that is bound to give you peace of mind. This retailer also has a truly superb customer service team who are on hand to answer all your doll related questions.

Returns Policy

Unfortunately, Sexy Sex Doll does not offer refunds. This does seem to be standard practice with the majority of the best sex doll retailers online. I would imagine this is due to hygiene concerns of some description. However, should your doll arrive damaged or suffer from a manufacturing defect Sex Sex Doll will replace your doll. The main condition is that the doll is returned to them unused and with damage that was not caused by you.


  • Huge Selection of Sex Dolls for Sale
  • Plenty of Payment Options Including Payments Plans
  • World Class Friendly Customer Service


  • Shipping Is Not Free
  • Shipping of Accessories Can Be Slow

Visit the Sexy Sex Doll website here.

How Did We Choose The Best Sex Doll Retailers Online?

Best Sex Doll Retailers Online - Best Sex Doll Shop - Where to Buy a Sex Doll

Undoubtedly you will be curious as to how we selected our choice of best sex doll retailers. When selecting where to buy a sex doll and the best sex doll retailers online we did indeed make purchases. We also looked at the following :-


There really is no getting around the simple fact that sex dolls are expensive. Even a cheap sex doll can set you back more than $1,000. As with everything in life we all want to get the best deal humanly possible. It would be nice if we could all simply ignore the price tag on a doll but most of us are not lucky enough to be in that position.

One thing we will point out is that expensive is not always an indication of quality. We have worked in this industry for many years now and make regular comparisons of price between vendors. It is not uncommon to find different vendors selling the same products but with a price tag difference of several thousand dollars.

The best sex doll retailers we have recommended all offer the same price points and are the very best value in the industry. They offer nothing but the best quality sex dolls at the very best possible prices. You will not find better value in any other online sex doll retailer.

Selection of Sex Dolls

Another essential part of choosing the best sex doll retailers relates to the range of dolls they sell. You could have the best and cheapest sex doll retailer in the world but if they do not stock the perfect sex doll for you then they are not much use.

What we have looked for here is online sex doll shops that stock a wide range of dolls. We also looked for sex doll shops that sold dolls from a wide variety of sex doll manufacturers. We also took into consideration the accessories and customizations that each online sex doll shop offered.

Customer Service

It really does not matter what you are buying one thing that is always important is customer service. This is especially true if you are spending a lot of money. For this very reason customer service is something we paid close attention to when looking at the best sex doll retailers.

When looking at the customer service of a sex doll retailer we looked at several factors. We have chose retailers that are more than happy to answer all questions regardless of how silly or pointless they may seem. We also considered how easy it was to get in touch with a representative of the retailer, how they kept in touch with us during the ordering and delivery process, and their attitude towards after sales service.

The online sex doll retailers we have chosen here all have a first class attitude to customer service.


Few people seem to consider the shipping process as important when buying a sex doll. If you take the time to think about it then you will realise it is much more important than you have considered. After all, who wants to buy a sex doll only to have it delivered to your front door in full view of all your neighbors?

The retailers we have chosen here all offer exceptionally discreet shipping methods. They keep in close contact with you so you know when your doll has been dispatched and when it will be delivered. This allows you the time to make sure you are home to receive your doll.

It is also worth us pointing out that the retailers mentioned here also make sure your doll is well packaged. The last thing you want is to spend thousands on a product only for it to turn up damaged. You would have to be exceptionally unlucky to for that to happen with these retailers. They all make doubly sure dolls are shipped well packaged and well protected.

Returns Policy

Finally, when looking for the best sex doll retailers we paid close attention to the returns policy. If you come across any form of retailer with no return or no exchange policy then you should forget about them. If a retailer has no exchange or return policy there really is something not quite right. If you stay clear of such retailers you should be able to buy a sex doll without any major issues.

Every single online sex doll ship we have listed here has a solid return or exchange policy.


When it comes to buying a sex doll online always, always do your research. Make sure that you Google search any retailer that you are considering buying your sex doll from. If you are unable to find reviews or the reviews you find are largely negative you should turn around and leave. Take your hard earned money elsewhere.

Buying a sex doll should be a special and highly intermit experience. For this reason only choose to buy your doll from a reputable dealer like the ones we have listed above.

You can visit Silicon Wives here.

You can visit Sexy Real Sex Dolls here.

You can visit Sexy Sex Doll here.

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