Social Media and Dating

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Social Media and Dating

These days it seems that social media and dating go together like a horse and carriage. The problem with this is that the world of social media and dating can be a minefield. With that said there is nothing to say it has to be such a scary place. All it takes is for you to follow a few simple rules. This way you can present yourself both honestly and in the best possible way.

Possibly the most important thing here is your profile photos. Make sure you stay smart. You should keep these photos recent and certainly within the last 6 months. Choose photos where you are not pouting or scowling. You should not look like the person taking the photo has just shoved a Toblerone up your ass. And, for the love of god, do not choose profile photos where you are giving your best duck lips impression. If you have to choose a photo where you are holding alcohol make sure you at least look sober. Also make sure the drink you are holding is an adult drink. Unless you want to date college kids you really should stay clear of alco pops.

If you were to ask the majority of people they would say to keep well away from politics and religion on social media. However, I think when it comes to social media and dating I disagree. Is it not important that you meet someone with similar believes to yourself? With this is mind I think it can only be a good thing to include a handful of political believes on your social media profiles. With that said you really should stay clear of any form of malicious attack on any specific group. This should be something you should avoid regardless of whether you are dating or not.

You should 100% stay away from social media of any description when drunk. Yes, you can be all over social media when drunk if you want. However this is very likely going to reduce viable options for dates. If you are drinking it is probably a good idea to put your phone away. At least put it on airplane mode.

It is also important that you make good use of privacy settings. Sure, it is fair to say there are very few things that are truly private these days. While this is true it does not mean you cannot save yourself certain amounts of embarrassment. It is always worth going through your privacy settings. Maybe you have old photos that you want to keep but do not want them to be visible. Always make a point of checking your privacy settings at least once every few months.

Try to refrain from calling your ex in public. Especially if you are doing this on social media. Would it not be a shame if a potential date saw a post on social media and felt you were not ready to be on the market? On the other hand they might think you are overly dramatic or a really horrible person. Sure, it is okay to blow off steam but never do this on social media.

There are certain qualities that people will usually look for on social media. At the top of the list is friendliness and positivity. Both these qualities are said to be naturally attractive. It is worth pointing out here that a group photo makes you look sociable it should not be used as a profile picture. How does anyone know which one is you?

The bottom line is that you should use your common sense. Be yourself and get out and meet new people.

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