What is the Best Type of Sex Doll

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What is the Best Type of Sex Doll - TPE Vs Silicon and Silicone - Best Sex Doll Material

If you happen to be looking to buy your first sex doll you are probably wondering what is the best type of sex doll?

What is the Best Type of Sex Doll

When it comes to finding out what is the best type of sex doll you have two main choices. Is a TPE sex doll best or is a silicone sex doll best? Well, the simple answer is that it really does depend on what you are planning to use your sex doll for.

TPE Sex Dolls

If you are not familiar with TPE it is the same material that is used in rubber bouncy toys.

Over the past couple of years sex dolls using TPE for skin have become very much the most popular choice. This is most likely because TPE is considerably cheaper than silicone therefore sex dolls manufactured from this relatively new material are affordable to most people.

TPE is a mix of both plastic and rubber. It can be stretched repeatedly and will always return to its original shape. You will find TPE can hold pretty much any position you throw at it because it is so flexible. This attribute alone makes it perfect for use as sex doll skin. It also happens to be somewhat softer than silicone which makes it feel that little bit more lifelike in most peoples opinion.

TPE is a recyclable material and is also hypoallergenic.

While TPE certainly has a lot of advantages there are also some disadvantages. TPE is a very porous material which means it takes a lot of cleaning to avoid things like mold. You will also likely find that it can easily stain and is hard to clean such stains. It can also become sticky after cleaning so be prepared to use talc to remedy this issue.

The biggest downside of a TPE sex doll is the material is barely resistant to heat. So if you are oping to take hot baths or showers with your sex doll you may want to consider a silicone doll instead. You can bathe with a TPE sex doll but should be aware that there is a possibility repeated exposure to hot water may cause issues.

Silicone Sex Dolls

In my opinion silicone sex dolls are the best choice. However, as stated earlier, everyone and their needs are different.

Silicone is a more expensive material but it is resistant to hear and water. It allows manufacturers to create more lifelike and detailed dolls. This means, in the majority of cases, a silicone sex doll will be more realistic than a TPE doll.

Silicone is also a hypoallergenic material. The main advantage of silicone is not simply how realistic these dolls look. It happens to be how easy they are to clean and sterilize.

The main disadvantage of silicone is that it is a harder material than TPE. This means the breasts and butt will not wobble when you shake the doll. If you do buy a silicone sex doll I would advise you to buy a sex doll that has gel implants in the breasts and butts. Yes, this will increase the price but it will be money well spent. Especially when you feel how realistic these implants happen to be.

So, Which Is Better?

The best thing you can do now is decide exactly what you will be doing with your sex doll. If, for example, you are simply wanting a sex doll to photograph I cannot recommend silicone sex dolls enough. For photographic purposes the realism only a silicone sex doll can offer in invaluable.

The same recommendation would apply if you plan on taking baths with your sex doll. In most cases a TPE sex doll will be fine in a bath. However, each time she is exposed to heat and water there is that chance she could be damaged.

For your average person who is looking to buy a sex doll for sex a TPE sex doll will be the perfect choice. They are robust, durable, and great value for money. If you are solely going to use the doll for sex your best option would be to buy a sex doll with a silicone head and a TPE body. The best of both worlds.

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