What Should I Know Before Buying A Sex Doll

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If you are looking to buy your first sex doll you may well feel a little out of your depth. After all they are expensive items with so many variables. So if you are wondering what should I know before buying a sex doll you are in the right place.

What should I know before buying a sex doll?

The bottom line is that when it comes to buying a sex doll it is always going to be down to personal taste. Like everything in life what suits one person will not suit another. With that said it is important that you make a purchase based on your own personal preferences. A sex doll is a hugely personal purchase, expensive as well, so it is always make a purchase based on what is in your heart.

Choose A Reputable Retailer

A good, decent quality sex doll is certainly not cheap. For this very reason you really want to make sure you buy your sex doll form a reputable retailer. There is quite literally no end to the number of online sex doll retailers out there. However, not all sex doll retailers are the same.

We would personally recommend Sexy Real Sex Dolls, Silicon Wives, and RealDoll. We have have purchased many sex dolls over the years from these three retailers and have always had first class experiences with them. Put simply we can not recommend these three sex doll retailers enough.

Choose A Sex Doll You Are Attracted To

While people buy sex dolls for a wide variety of reasons the most obvious is for the purpose of sex. I therefore goes without saying you should buy a sex doll that you find physically attractive. Never buy a sex doll just because it happens to be cheap. This will only ever lead to you wishing you had saved a little more money and purchased your dream doll.

Make Sure She Can Offer You Everything You Desire

Always check to make sure the sex doll you choose can offer you everything that you desire. While majority of sex dolls can offer vagina sex not all sex dolls are capable of providing you with anal or oral sex. When choosing a sex doll make sure that the doll you buy can deliver everything you need.

Choose Skin Material

These days you have the choice of a sex doll with either TPE or silicon for skin.

TPE is a relatively new material compared to silicon in the world of sex dolls. It is a made from a mixture of rubber and plastic allowing it to be stretched repeatedly then return to is original shape. It is softer than other materials and can hold multiple positions because of this flexibility.

One huge advantage of TPE is that it is much cheaper than silicon. It is also extremely hypoallergenic and recyclable.

The main disadvantages of TPE is that if you were to get a stain on the skin it can be somewhat difficult to clean. It is also a very porous material so you really need to pay special attention when cleaning after use or you may see mold. TPE can also be a little sticky to the touch although this can be solved with a little baby powder. It is also worth pointing out that TPE is not the most heat resistant material. Therefore taking a bath or a shower with a TPE sex doll could be a problem.

A silicon sex doll is much easier to clean as it is nowhere near as sticky as TPE. They also are much more resistant to heat, stains, and water and take very little maintenance compared to other sex dolls. Silicon, like TPE, is also a hypoallergenic material that is very easy to sterilize.  If realism is important to you silicon should be your material of choice.

Possibly the biggest disadvantage of a silicon sex doll is that they are more expensive than TPE sex dolls. However, in our opinion, this is money well spent.

You will find that silicon is a much harder material than TPE. The breasts and butt will not wobble when you rock them back and forth. With this in mind you may want to look for a sex doll with gel implants in the breasts and butt. RealDoll, the worlds best high end sex doll manufacturer, produce dolls with this option.

Consider Upgrades and Accessories

Pretty much each and every sex doll that you can buy allows you some form of customiazation. In most instances it is possible to alter the hairstyle and color. In other cases it is possible to alter the color of the eyes. You will likely find that sellers of high end sex dolls offer the chance to alter the shape and size of breasts, skin tone, and pubic hair. If you feel you may want to alter the appearance of your doll in the future it is certainly worth checking that the doll you buy has this option.

There is also the chance, with most dolls, to upgrade certain features. Some brands of sex doll require upgraded feet for them to stand unaided. Other upgrades can include a self lubricating vagina or an internal heating function. RealDoll even offer a robotic head that has moving eyes and mouth and allows the doll to hold conversations with you.

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