Why Every Couple Should Own A Sex Doll

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Why Every Couple Should Own A Sex Doll - Sex Dolls For Couples - Sex Toys For Couples

In recent years sex dolls have really started to increase in sales. However, public opinion seems to indicate most people are judgemental as to any man who would buy a sex doll. However, we feel that, in time, sex dolls will become just as acceptable in society as a vibrator for women. In fact we actually feel there are plenty of reasons whey every couple should own a sex doll.

Why Every Couple Should Own a Sex Doll

So, undoubtedly you are wondering why every couple should own a sex doll. Well, not only should every couple own and use a love doll; we actually feel a love doll could genuinely improve your relationship and sex life.

Threesomes Without Jealousy

If we are all honest the idea of a threesome is probably one of the most common sexual fantasies around. Pretty much every man and woman has at some point in their life fantasized about having a threesome. Many have even talked about this fantasy with their partners.

However, with that said, when it comes to actually having a threesome in real life not many couples have taken the plunge. This is undoubtedly because we would likely wind up feeling jealous or insecure. Probably even both. After all would you really want to watch your partner have sex with another person? Sure, plenty of guys would happily have a threesome with their girlfriend and her best friend. But how many of those same guys would be happy to watch their girlfriends having sex with another man? Not many is our guess.

Why Every Couple Should Own A Sex Doll - Sex Dolls For Couples - Sex Toys For Couples

This is one of the truly great things about using a sex doll as a couple. A sex doll allows you to explore the fantasy of having a threesome. Not only does it allow you the chance to explore this popular sexual fantasy  it allows you to do so without the need for insecurity or jealousy.

Another great thing about using a sex doll for a threesome is that there are sex dolls for women. This means as a couple you could explore a threesome with two women and a threesome with two guys. No one has to feel threatened or jealous and you get to satisfy both versions of a threesome. What is not to love about that?

Improved Intimacy

Did you know pretty much everything about a sex doll can help improve the intimacy in your relationship?  It is not simply owning and using a sex doll together that will enhance your relationship.

Consider this. A good quality, highly realistic sex doll is anything but cheap. Once you start looking to buy a sex doll you quickly discover there are so many available for sale. One thing for sure is neither of you want to spend your hard earned money on something that one of you do not like. Just imagine the intimacy the two of you could share while choosing the perfect sex doll. The whole process from choosing, buying, owning, and using a sex doll as a couple will open up a whole new exciting world. A world filled with intimacy, closeness, and understanding. This in turn can only lead to a stronger, more loving and intimate relationship and bond.

Explore and Experiment

Why Every Couple Should Own A Sex Doll - Sex Dolls For Couples - Sex Toys For Couples

Divulging your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies is a highly intimate thing. Not only is this highly intimate it is an extremely vulnerable act. Something that shows you trust your partner with everything in your heart.

However, just because you share your sexual fantasy with your partner does not automatically mean they will be into the exact same thing. In fact it is plausible that your partner could not think of anything worse than what you have told you. For example it is not uncommon for one partner to be curious about anal sex while the other finds the very idea horrific.

Once again this is the truly fantastic thing about sex dolls. They make it possible for a couple share and explore all manner of sexual fantasies without anyone having to push themselves to do anything they do not want to.

When a couple includes a sex doll into their life nothing is off the table. Maybe a little BDSM or femdom. Perhaps you happen to bi-curious. Whatever your fantasy happens to be a sex doll can help a couple share it together.

Improved Sexual Stamina

It will come as little surprise to hear that most men at some time or another worry about how long they can last in bed. The truth is that the majority of men suffer from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. After all the more a man is turned on the quicker he is going to climax.

Why Every Couple Should Own A Sex Doll - Sex Dolls For Couples - Sex Toys For Couples

Yet again this is a truly great thing about sex dolls. With a sex doll a guy can practice without feeling any pressure. He can teach himself to bring himself back from the edge of his climax and delay that moment.

There is also the very real fact that couples very rarely have exactly the same sex drive. As much as we would all love out love making to be like a Hollywood scripted sex scene this simply is not possible. If one person has climaxed and is ready to throw in the towel while the other is still needing to finish a sex doll is the perfect solution.

At the end of the day a sex doll could be the perfect way to make sure both partners are satisfied.


It is so easy to see, when you think about it, why every couple should own a sex doll. It is a big step to take. But, with that said, it really is a way of bringing pretty much any couple closer together.

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Why Every Couple Should Own A Sex Doll - Sex Dolls For Couples - Sex Toys For Couples

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