TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls

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TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls - What is the Best Type of Sex Doll

If you have decided you are going to buy a sex doll but unsure which material works better you are in the right place. We are about to take a look at TPE vs Silicone sex dolls. Here we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of both materials.

TPE VS Silicone Sex Dolls – Which is Better?

The bottom line is when looking at TPE vs Silicone sex dolls there is no one size fits all answer. What suits one persons needs may not suit the next persons. Deciding which material is best very much depends on what you will be using your new sex doll for.

TPE Advantages

The new kid on the block when it comes to sex dolls is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). When compared to silicone TPE could be considered brand new. It is made from a special mixture of rubber and plastic. One of its biggest advantages is that it can be stretch over and over, always returning to its original shape and size in an instance. You will find TPE is quite a soft material and because of its flexibility it can hold pretty much any position you throw at it.

Another huge advantage of TPE is that it is considerably cheaper than silicone. This means you will, in most cases, pay less for a TPE sex doll over a silicone sex doll. TPE is hypoallergenic meaning it will not cause any allergic reactions. It is also recyclable which makes it a great choice for the environmentally conscious among us.

How Does TPE Feel?

Have you ever seen those bouncy rubber toys that are sold in toy shops across the country? Well, they happen to be made of TPE so this is the perfect item to use to describe how TPE feels. As you can imagine a sex doll made from TPE feels exceptionally realistic to touch. Especially her breasts and butt.

TPE Disadvantages

If you do not like cleaning things TPE is probably not the best choice of material for your sex doll. TPE is a porous material which makes it a pain to clean. You will certainly need to spend extra time cleaning the vagina, anal, and oral cavities of your TPE sex doll after each use. The last thing you want is mold developing. It is is also worth noting that TPE can be prone to staining with these stains being difficult to clean and remove.

There is also the problem with TPE becoming sticky especially after it has been cleaned. You will almost certainly need to keep a good supply of talc which can be used as an easy remedy for this stickiness.

Silicone Advantages

Silicone was once the most popular choice of material for a sex doll. The most obvious advantage of using silicone over TPE is that it is much easier to clean and does not become sticky. There is also the fact that it is much more resistant to heat and water than TPE. This makes it the perfect choice if you are wanting to bathe with your sex doll. It is also the perfect choice for anyone wanting to buy a sex doll that requires the minimum amount of maintenance and cleaning.

The biggest advantage of silicone is that it allows for a super realistic sex doll. With silicone every last tiny detail can be created to look so lifelike. Silicone sex dolls are well known for having the most realistic vaginal and anal cavities.

Just like TPE, silicone is hypoallergenic meaning it should not cause an allergic reaction.

Silicone Disadvantages

The two biggest problems with silicone is the price and that it is quite a hard material. In fact the material is so hard if you shake a silicone sex doll the breasts and butt will not wobble. For many people this is a huge issue. If you are someone would find this a problem it is worth considering many sex doll manufacturers produce silicone sex dolls with gel implants in the butt and breasts for added realism.

The biggest issue is certainly the price. In many cases you can easily add at least $1,000 to the price of a sex doll if it is silicone rather than TPE.


When it comes to deciding which is better in the TPE vs silicone sex dolls argument it is important that you take a moment to think about your own personal need. What exactly are you wanting to use your sex doll for and how much are you wanting to spend on a sex doll? Once you have answers to both these question you can decide which will be the best doll to suit your own personal needs.

Consider things like whether or not you will want to take a bath or shower with your sex doll. How realistic you want your sex doll to be. Then, and only then, will you be ready to look at the pros and cons of each material and decide which is best for you.

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