10 Best Things About Long Distance Relationships

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There is no denying the fact that long distance relationships can be extremely tough. However, like everything in life, there are some things that are positive. So here we look at 10 best things about long distance relationships.

10 Best Things About Long Distance Relationships

1 – Your Communication Skills Will Improve.

It is more than fair to say communication is key to all of our relationships. Therefore it is fair to say that if you cannot talk to someone in person effective communication is even more important. Over time, the more you rely on the likes of text messages, phone calls, and video calls you will subconsciously start picking up on subtle clues. This will in turn give you a better understanding that special someone in your life. When you are finally together with in person the pair of you will be so in turn it will blow your mind.

2 – Plenty Time to Pursue Your Own Life

There are certainly plenty of great things about being in a relationship. However, there are also one or two downfalls. This is especially true if you are in a cohabiting relationship. The most obvious downfall is that if you are cohabiting your activities can very much combined together. Sure, it is important to have things you want to do with you partner. But in the same breath it is just as important to have your own interests.

The great thing about a long distance relationship means you have plenty of time to yourself. This means plenty of time to pursue your own passions and hobbies. You can even use this extra free time to better yourself and become a better partner.

3 – You Will Become Awesome at Phone Sex

One thing for certain is that if you are in a long distance relationship you are going to become an expert at phone sex. Things may start off a little awkward but you will soon get the hang of it. Whether this is over the phone, text messages, of video chat, phone sex is the next best thing to actually being there to touch your partner.

In recent years interactive sex toys have begun hitting the market. These devices usually come in a his and hers form. They can be connected together and synced over the internet allowing long distance lovers to enjoy intimate moments from anywhere in the world. I would personally highly recommend the likes of the Kiiroo Onyx+ and the Kiiroo Pearl2.

4 – A Dating Rut is Highly Unlikely

One thing you will quickly become aware of if you are in a long distance relationship is how every single second is special. What this means is you will be unlikely to find yourselves doing the same thing over and over. How many of us have found ourselves bored with a relationship doing the same thing over and over.

Another great thing about fewer dates is you may have more money available to make those dates even more special

5 – You Will Become A Care Package Expert

Pretty much everyone loves nothing more than getting something through the post. Isn’t it fantastic when you order something online and it finally shows up at your door? This is even more true if you know what is delivered to your door is from your long distance loved one.

Your long distance partner may love a certain food such as pizza. How about sending them a selection of pizza toppings. Your long distance lover may even decide to get a little naughty. They may wear an article of clothing such as panties or stockings and send them to you. The sky really is the limit when it comes to the possible care packages you can send to your lover.

6 – There is a Good Chance You Will Travel More

In most cases a long distance relationship will have you living in a different country than your lover. In some instances you may even find yourself living on different continents. What you will most likely find yourself doing is taking turns to visit each other. You could even embrace a love for travel by arranging to meet in countries and cities you have never visited before.

7 – You’ll Embrace the Latest Technology

For you to stay in touch with your loved one you are pretty much relying on technology. This means it is pretty likely that you are always going to be one of the first to adopt a brand new social media or messaging app.

8 – Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

When you see a person each and everyday it can be all so easy to stop appreciating them. Because you spend a good amount of time away from your partner you actually have the time to miss them. This leads to a longer lasting appreciation for them. In fact there have been various studies over the years that suggest periods apart can strengthen a relationship. The bottom line is missing your partner can actually be good for your relationship. It actually helps keep it strong and healthy.

9 – You Can Prove Everyone Wrong

Can you remember when you were first embarking on your long distance relationship? You can probably how pretty much everyone told you that it would never work out. Just imagine when it does work out and you get to prove everyone of those doubters wrong. It is totally possible for your relationship to last and even thrive. Distance is nothing when you truly love someone.

10 – The Moments Together Make It All Worth It

It would be a sin if we did not include this in our 10 best things about long distant relationships article. It really does not matter how far you are apart or for how long. What matters is how wonderful it feels on those moments when you are finally together. It is these moments that make it all worth it.

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