How to Talk Dirty For Beginners

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How to Talk Dirty for Beginners - Learn to Talk Dirty - How to Have Phone Sex

When it comes to talking dirty some people are naturals at it. However, the majority of us really do struggle with this. Dirty talk can be an intimidating concept that leave us feeling around like a blind man at an orgy. Do not stress too much because today we will take a look at how to talk dirty for beginners.

How to Talk Dirty For Beginners

There are various scenarios where at partner could ask you to talk dirty to you. So, if and when such a situation occurs how do you get started. Where do you even begin without sounding like 70’s porn actor reject listing names of famous chocolate bars?

Well, the first thing you want to do is decide what you are going to call things. While some people may like the term dick others may prefer cock while others may even prefer the one eyed trouser snake. Obviously the same applies talking about female genitalia. Some people prefer pussy while other may prefer vagina. The bottom line is that it is for you and your partner to decide what is best for you. In fact there is a pretty good chance you already have a good idea as to the terminology your partner prefers.

There is certainly no right or wrong way to go about using euphemisms. The main thing is that you are both enjoying yourselves. As long as that is the case you can call your body parts anything you want. Once you have that sorted you can move onto telling your partner what you want to do to them or want them to do to you.

Dirty Talk Long Distance Style

Talking dirty over text messages, a phone call, or video call is not solely reserved for people in long distance relationships. Couples who are travelling because of work or who live apart very often find themselves engaging in such activity. Whatever the reason you decided to have phone sex, or the other various other forms of cyber sex, learning how to talk dirty will prove invaluable.

Whether you use the phone, a video call or text message, the principals are the same. In fact the whole concept of learning to talk dirty is way more simpler than people realise. Start with simple things. “I wish I could kiss your…………”, or how about “I would love to ……………. you right now.” You could perhaps bring up something you really enjoyed the last time you were physically together. “Remember that time when ………….” These are all exceptionally good yet simple starting points. The most important thing is to relax and just have fun. Everything else will quickly come naturally.

As you get more into it you can compliment the things you love about your partner. “I love how you look when…….” Do not be afraid to use evocative language that reminds you both of what it is like to be with each other. Tell your partner about the things they do that turn you on. How about telling them something they did that drove you crazy. You will likely discover they are getting turned on hearing about how much they turn you on. This has what is best described as a snowball effect.

Maybe you can tell them how you love it when they wear certain clothing. Perhaps how you like watching them do a certain thing. How it makes you feel and how it has you, quite literally, gagging for it. There is no right or wrong when it comes to learning how to talk dirty. It is all about feeling comfortable and having fun.

Interactive Sex Toys For Couples

There is certainly no substitute on Earth fo actually physically being with your partner. However, technology has provided various ways for phone, video chat, and text sex to become so much more intimate.

Nowadays it really does not matter how far away you are from your partner. There are certain sex toys developed especially for couples which allow you to be as close as ever even when 1000’s of miles are between you. These toys are synced over the internet allowing long distance couples to feel as if they are actually together. Both partners can feel the other in real time.

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