5 Things You Should Know Before Starting DDLG

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Believe it or not but DDLG play is much more common than people realise. In the majority of cases people interested in this kind of play are reluctant or do not know how to approach the subject with their partner. If this sounds like you, or if you are about to start including DDLG in your relationship there are a few things you should know. Here are 5 things you should know before starting DDLG.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting DDLG

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting DDLG Play and DDLG RelationshipsBefore we start discussing these 5 things you should know before starting DDLG play it is important that we point out something very important. Yes, DDLG can be considered a somewhat taboo fetish. However, there it is a perfectly acceptable fetish providing it is between two consenting adults. This is the most important rule.

1 – What is DDLG?

For those who are unsure as to what DDLG is here is a pretty simple explanation. DDLG is short for Daddy Dom / Little Girl. It is a form of BDSM that involves role-play with child-like things. This play can be both sexual and non-sexual. In this play there is one person who is the “daddy” while the other person is the “little”. As you may well expect the daddy is takes on the dominant role while the little takes on the submissive role. This is why it this play is referred to as Daddy Dom / Little Girl.

2 – Typical BDSM and DDLG Are Two Different Things.

It would be all too easy to dive straight into your bedroom and get started with some DDLG play. However, it is important that you understand that DDLG play and typical BDSM are different. This is not simply a case of one person being the dom while the other is the sub.

In this type of play the dom or “daddy” will take on the role of the authoritarian. The sub “little girl” takes on a child-like role. What you are doing here is trying to fins fun ways to obey and disobey daddy. This leads to rewards and punishments.

In many cases people enjoy DDLG play as it allows them to give complete control of themselves to another.

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3 – You are More Than Just A Sub

You are probably wondering how if this type of play is a form of BDSM why and how does it require you to be more than just a sub. Of course as the little you will be required to be submissive but there is more to it than just this. The extra piece of this puzzle is that DDLG play requires some child-like play to be included. The key here is that you are not playing the role of a submissive adult. You are playing the role of a submissive girl who has to obey her daddy. If she obeys him she may be rewarded but if she disobeys him then she will most certainly be punished.

4 – Cute Sex Toys and Clothing Are A Must

A huge part of DDLG play is the clothing you wear and the toys that you use. The clothing and toys that you use should most certainly be what you would consider “cute”. Yes, it is perfectly possible to engage in DDLG play without cute toys and clothing but the whole experience is so much more enjoyable when they are included.

You should most certainly be considering cute toys such as stuffed animals. When it comes to clothing think along the lines of cute onesies and other youthful style clothing.

You Have To Create A DDLG Space

Ideally you should have a specific space that you can use for your DDLG play. Understandably not everyone has the luxury of a specific place where they can engage in this style of play. With that said if there is anyway you can create a space the benefits will be huge.

Think along the lines of removing your adult bedsheet and replacing it with a princess theme bedsheet. Maybe add a lava lamp to the room and have some cute stuffed toys lying around. How far you go with this is entirely up to yourself but, be warned, creating your own little place is highly addictive.

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