DDLG – What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship

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DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLG

When people first hear the term they nearly always wind up asking – what is DDLG? Here we will explain what it is along with daddy dom, rules and little space terms, punishments, outfits and clothing, communities, and much more.

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DDLG – What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship

So, what is DDLG?

A dictionary definition would say – DDLG, or DD/LG, is an acronym for Daddy Dom/Little Girl, a consensual sexual relationship where the dominant male is the daddy figure and a woman plays the role of a young girl.

Put simply DDLG is primarily a kinky age-play/role-play that takes place between two consenting adults. The key words here are consenting and adults. This popular kink is closely associated with BDSM.

It certainly does not have anything to do with incest and it does not have to be sexual. However, with that said, DDLG play does add excitement to a relationship.

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DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGDaddy Dom :- The Daddy Dom takes on the role of the caregiver in the relationship. This is the one disciplines and dominates the little. The daddy Dom is also responsible for handing out treats.

Little Girl / Little :- The Little Girl in the relationship takes on the role of the sweet, child-like girl. They will regress in age with the age varying from a baby still wearing diapers all the way up to a young teenage girl. The Little Girl can also be referred to simply as the Little.

The Little Girl will be submissive and take on the role of a bratty, silly girl. She will love to play with toys. She knows that she has to follow the rules and knows if she breaks them then she will be punished. Think about it like she is giving all the control to Daddy. She trusts him to do what is best for her.

Caregiver :- The Caregiver is the person who takes the dominant roll. This is the Daddy Dom or the Mommy Domme (dominatirx)

Little Space :- This is a term which is used to describe the mindset the Little enters. This is when she acts and thinks younger than she actually is. This state of mind can happen with the Daddy Dom and Little Girl or it can happen involve just the Little. When you hear the phrase “entering the little space” what is meant is she is moving into the child-like mindset.

When in this mindset the Daddy Dom must take care of Little. He can order her to carry out chores although his main purpose is to take care of Little.

BDSM Switch :- The term switch is used to describe people who enjoy switching their roles. For example it could be used to describe a guy who likes to sometimes be dominant and sometimes submissive. Such people equally enjoy both roles.

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While we primarily focus on Daddy Dom as the male and Little Girl as female there are certainly different combinations.

  • MDLG – Mommy Dom / Little Girl
  • MDLB – Mommy Dom / Little Boy (femdom and dominatrix)
  • DDLB – Daddy Dom / Little Boy
  • TDLB: Trans Daddy Little Boy
  • TDLG Trans Daddy Little Girl
  • TMLG: Trans Mommy Little Girl
  • TMLB: Trans Mommy Little Boy
  • CGL: Generic term for any Caregiver & Little relationship

note :- this article mostly refers to Daddy Dom but it can also mean Mommy Domme just the same way Little Girl can also mean Little Boy.

Getting Started Playing DDLG

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGBelieve it or not but it is surprisingly easy to get started with some DDLG play. There are three core elements that should be considered and the are :-

1 – The DDLG Rule – Both the Caregiver and Little must set and agree to consensual rules and a way they will communicate.

2 – Little Space – How do you enter DDLG Scene Play?

3 – DDLG Aftercare and Debrief – Discussing what you liked and did not like.

Ideally you should be discussing things and even going as far as making a contract between the Daddy and little.

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Let us look at these core elements in more detail.

1 – DDLG Rules

Before you get started it is vitally important that you discuss and negotiate exactly what you are comfortable and not comfortable with. Good, clear, and honest communication is very important here. Here are some ideas to get you started with your negotiations.

  • Define the Little Girl role.
  • Define the Daddy Dom role.
  • Define rules, punishments, and rewards.
  • Define your safe words and limits.
  • Define your age-play.
  • Discuss scenes, outfits, and accessories you are interested in.

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Work Out How DDLG Will Work In Your Relationship

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGNo two DDLG relationships will ever look the same. Therefore it is essential you define, as a couple, your own definition of how what this means to you. It should explain clearly how the Little role will look and what the Little will do in their Little Space.

Here is a great example :-

“We will on occasions play DDLG. When doing so Little will take on the role of a bratty 7 year old little girl. Daddy is her Caregiver and he can issue chores or punishments should she misbehave.”

Introduction Questions To Ask Littles

  • How often would you like to engage in DDLG play?
  • Is there anything or a setting that makes you enter Little Space?
  • Is there something that unexpectedly makes you feel little and do you enjoy it when this happens? Can this be recreated in anyway?
  • In your Little Space how do you intend on behaving yourself?
  • Are you going to be helpful, shy, or bratty?
  • How far do you want to go with this play? Do you want to go all the way or would you prefer to play only specific elements of it such as wearing age play clothing or using a pacifier?
  • Do you feel submissive to your Daddy Dom?
  • How will we share romantic affection? Is this going to be a simple caring play or will we include sexual acts and romance?
  • Would you want to engage in DDLG play in public or would you rather keep this private?
  • Are there any special items of clothing you would want to wear in your Little Space?
  • Are there differences between your Little personality and your everyday self? If so what are they?
  • What are the ideal characteristics of an ideal Daddy Dom?
  • Will you want to use baby oil, baby powder, and diaper rash cream?

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The Protocol and Rules

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGThere is a limitless number of rules and protocols that can be set in DDLG age play. There is no set rule when creating your own personal rules and protocols. However a Little will usually have a life which is very much defined by limitations and rules. These rules are fun to break and to receive a punishment for breaking.

It is important, as a couple for you to set your own rules. These rules can be just for the Little Girl or you could incorporate some rules for that the Daddy Dom also must stick too.

You will certainly need to decide how you will address each other. The Daddy Dom may be called names such as Daddy – Master – Dada – Sir – Lord. The Little Girl may be given names such as Baby Girl – Princess – Bunny – Angel – Cutie.

Here are some ideas for rules you can consider setting to get you stared :-

  • Daddy Dom will only be addressed as Daddy.
  • Whenever Daddy comes home he is to be greeted with a hug and a kiss.
  • Little must always be polite and well mannered.
  • Little must always hold hands with Daddy when crossing the street.
  • There will be no talking back to Daddy.
  • Little may not take a shower. Only a bubble bath with the permission of Daddy.
  • Diapers must be worn to bed.
  • Little can only sit in the backseat of the car.
  • If Little feels upset or worried she must tell Daddy.
  • Little has a specific bedtime. When Daddy states it is bedtime Little must comply.
  • When with Daddy Little must not tie her own shoes.
  • Little must such on a pacifier at specific times or during specific actions.

There is no end to the number of rules that can be put in place. It is worth considering that the more rules the harder they will be to remember. This can easily be combated by creating a simple mantra rule. Here are some ideas of simple mantra rules :-

  • Daddy Knows Best.
  • What Daddy Says Goes.
  • Daddy Makes the Rules.

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DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGContracts have been hugely popular in the BDSM community long before 50 Shades of Grey. They are actually a very helpful tool so everyone knows and understands and agrees as to how the relationship will work.

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Here is an example of things you can include in your DDLG contract :-

Daddy Dom Responsibilities

  • Daddy Dom has the responsibility to care for Little. He will teach her, nurture her, reward her, and punish her.
  • Daddy Dom will only punish Little Girl if it is to make her better. He must never punish her out of frustration or anger.
  • Daddy Dom should make sure his commands and instructions are clear at all times.

During Play Daddy Dom Can Say:

  • “Watch your mouth” (in response to Little trying to answer back or be smart).
  • “You know Daddy does not repeat things and he does not accept little girls with smart attitudes” (in response to Little testing Daddy Dom.
  • “Go be a good girl and……” (when Daddy Dom tells Little to do something.)
  • “Because Daddy said so.”
  • “That was not a suggestion.”

Little Girl Responsibilities

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGLittle Girl will always speak with respect to Daddy.

Little Girl agrees that she will maintain her appearance at all times during the play.

Little Girl gives up the rights to her own gratification. These rights are passed to the Daddy Dom.

Daddy Dom will be informed of all Little’s needs and desires. She understands that Daddy is a better judge of things and will decide if they are acceptable of not.

Little Girl makes the agreement to obey the rules the best she can.

Discipline, Punishments and Humiliation

This is where we consider the somewhat naughtier side of DDLG.

It will likely come as little surprise to hear a huge percentage of people interested in age play are also interested in humiliation and punishment. This is because they love the feeling of not being in control. The idea of having someone else call the shots can be exciting and comforting. Little can show how much she trusts her partner by receiving punishments.

During the creation of your DDLG contract some good things to ask Little could be :-

  • Would you prefer punishments to be sexual, non-sexual, or both?
  • When you are in Little Space do you enjoy the physical nature of your hair being pulled, being spanked, or rough penetration?
  • Is the emotional discomfort from teasing denied, scolded, and dirty talk something you enjoy?
  • Would you care to be punished using the likes of a spanking paddle?

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Safe Words

If the punishment element of DDLG is something that appeals it cannot be recommended enough that safe words are discussed. A safe word is a word that is used to indicate to your partner that they have went too far. In most cases couples choose a word that will really stand out. On the other hand some couples will employ a traffic light system of safe words which may include :-

  • Green – Loving it, keep going.
  • Yellow – I’m very on the edge but keep going.
  • Red – Stop! Now!

a wonderful benefit of this traffic light system is that it allows the Caregiver to ask and be reassured by guidance. Daddy Dom could ask things such as – What color is my cute Little?

This may well feel a little awkward at first. But like everything in life you will get used to it and ultimately enjoy it more and more.

2 – Little Space

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGIt is very important that everyone knows all about how to enter the DDLG scene play. This Little Space does not have to be 100% specific. Entering the Little Space is indeed possible without props and without any scenes at all. With that said what we will talk about here is deliberate DDLG scene plays.

Basically there are three ways which can help enter into Little Space.

1 – Through the use of outfits and clothing, accessories (diapers etc), and objects.

2 – By role playing and specific scenes that you set up.

3 – By the use of meditation or hypnosis.

4 – No scenes are set. Everything happens naturally and it all just happens. This is undoubtedly the most comfortable and best way.

What Type of Scenes Do You Want To Experience?

Most people find the easiest way to enter the Little Space occurs with some form of activity. For some it is something like bathing while others go there while carrying out a chore, watching a cartoon or by wearing an outfit. Everyone is different and the most important thing is that you get there.

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGPopular scenes for Little Space can usually involve dressing and undressing, bathing, feeding time, coloring pictures, and doing chores. Once again it is important to point out that everyone will have their own scene that helps them. There is no right and wrong way to create a scene.

It is a good idea to ask Little Space questions. Here are some examples of great questions to ask :-

  • Can you tell me about certain places that make you feel like a Little Girl?
  • Think about your Little self. Do you have chores? Maybe you have homework? Do you have a good attitude towards this?
  • Is there anything that may pull you out your Little Space?
  • Do you want your Daddy Dom to make all your decisions?

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Create Your Own Little Space – The Scene Elements

Like everything in life DDLG play will be much better if you take the time to prepare and set the mood. Use all five senses to help you set the perfect mood for your DDLG play.

  1. Sound – Play music such as soundtracks from Disney movies. Use your Amazon Alexa or YouTube where you will plenty of choices. Anything that reminds you of your childhood is idea.
  2. Sight – Arrange your environment around you with the likes of toys and blankets. Get your stuffies out and maybe put on some cute clothing.
  3. Smell – Take the time to make the room smell great. Try things such as sprays that smell like candy or chocolate. Maybe use candles or burn some incense.
  4. Touch – You may find it surprising but touch plays an important part in putting you in the Little Space mood. Try things like cuddly toys, a blanket, and diapers.
  5. Taste – Try some candy that reminds you of your childhood. Alternatively you can make good use of a pacifier.

Examples of Activities to Play During DDLG Play

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGHere we will look at pretty much all forms of play. Suggestions and ideas will range from sweet and innocent all the way to super sexual and kinky.

A Bubble Bath – What could possibly be better than a bubble bath. Use a rubber duck and maybe invest in a really cute scrubber. You can also buy a girly towel to dry with afterwards.

Bushing Hair and Pigtails – You probably could not ask for a more perfect activity to do straight after a bath. When you brush someone else’s hair it is an incredibly intimate act. It can make both parties feel exceptionally special and important. This act can be made even better if Daddy knows how to do pigtails. If he does not Little Girl can always teach him.

Play Fighting – Play fighting can be great fun for both Little Girl and Daddy Dom. You can include things like toy swords and nerf and water guns. If you wanted to be really naughty try a spanking tool of some description. Make sure you do not forget about tickling but make sure you discuss boundaries and safe words before you get started.

Cartoons – Grab a blanket to help get in the Little Space and enjoy some cartoons together. Maybe watch specific cartoon channels on television or a Disney movie. Throw in some snacks and you are golden.

Play With Dolls – Why not try a tea ceremony? If not play with dolls and let your imagination take you wherever it may.

Bake Cookies – You can make a play based around baking cookies or making sweets. This can be a very fun Little Space.

Daddy Dom Dresses Little Girl – There are not many things that make Little feel more helpless than having to be dressed. Imagine how helpless Little will feel if Daddy Dom has to pull up her diaper or panties, having to have her shoes tied. This can work as a wonderful trigger that helps enter the Little Space. It is highly likely that Little will enjoy deliberately untying her laces and asking Daddy to tie her laces.

Play Dress Up – This is super easy and a perfect way to enter Little Space. Get a sexy, cute outfit of a cute onesie so you can create scenes naturally. You both may want to dress up. This is the perfect way to try some really immersive role play that you will both love.

Bedtime Stories – Fairytale books are perfect for bedtime stories. However any fictional story book can work will.

Outside Play – Getting outside for playtime can be lots of fun especially if you happen to be adventurous. Head to a children’s playground or head to a beach where you could build sandcastles. Even going to the cinema can be a great Little Space.

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Board Games – Who can recall how much fun boardgames used to be as a kid? This makes them perfect for play. You can choose from something simple and colorful all the way through to something that is a little kinky depending on your own personal tastes.

Shopping Sprees – The great thing about shopping is that it can be used as a reward or as a punishment. Agree a budget before you head to the local mall where you can buy everything from cuddle toys and sweets to lingerie. While this is clearly a treat or a reward it can easily be used as a punishment. This could occur if Daddy takes Little to the mall but does not buy Little anything. This can be exciting as you never know which will occur when you arrive at the mall.

Make Something – Little can use so many different hobbies to create something. She could sew something, simply draw a picture, or engage in some paper crafts. Even a simple coloring book could be used or go outside and use chalk on the sidewalk.

Pet Play – Pet play could see Little Girl become a cute pet or it could see Daddy become a horse. Depending on your own boundaries and levels you could head down the BDSM path and have Daddy Dom wear a saddle for Little Girl to ride on.

BDSM – On the subject of BDSM there is quite literally an absolutely huge range of dark play you can engage in. Depending on your own levels of comfort you can potentially really push the boundaries. Try things like rope bondage, nipple clamps, deepthroating, and fisting. If the woman happens to be the dominating force you could try a cock cage. You would certainly want to try some spanking.

3 – DDLG Aftercare and Debrief

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGDDLG Aftercare

Put simply aftercare is a BDSM term for taking physical and emotional care of your parter and you have completed a scene. The whole point of aftercare is to help your partner recover after an intense BDSM session.

Even if your DDLG play has been fairly tame it is still advisable to look on the DDLG play as a three stage process. It is good practice to aways include the stages of — agreement, little space, aftercare. If the session has been mild then you can undoubtedly combine the aftercare and debriefing element. However if a BDSM session has been more extreme you will want to separate aftercare and the debrief.

Most couples find aftercare an extremely helpful part of the play. It will help you both return to the normality of real life. It can also be an extremely satisfying process as rather than being sad your play is over there is still this part to look forward to. Cuddling, for example, can be sweet but it does not necessarily translate to DDLG play.

It is, for many couples, considered good practice to include something adult to finalize things with. Changing into adult clothing and enjoying a cup of coffee can be a great way of returning to real-life.

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DDLG Debrief

As a couple it is always good to talk. In fact most couples will tell you that the key to a successful relationship is honest communication. DDLG play is not exempt from this rule. Therefore it is always a great idea to discuss things from your DDLG play. This is where you can discuss the things you did like and the things you did not like. By taking the time to do this your session will become all the more enjoyable.

This kind of honest communication is very much essential if you have just tried something new. Perhaps you have just tried some form of new intense punishment. By communicating honestly you will both know if this is something that was enjoyed and something that could be explored even further.

The debrief should always take place once you are back in your adult roles. This way you will find your mood is elevated and you will be able to relive those memories.

Most importantly make sure that each and every play comes to a close with a solid, clear conclusion.

How Does A DDLG Relationship Actually Work?

DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLGMost couples will understandably prefer to keep their DDLG relationship to themselves. This usually makes it a more intimate experience that is shared between only them. However there are some couples who enjoy incorporating this into their everyday lives. Some couples go as far to do this all day long.

There are some couples who prefer to keep their DDLG relationship non-sexual in nature. This can often be because, for them, this type of relationship is used as a form of therapy which is being used to help with a  childhood trauma. In these cases the feeling of having a caregiver who is taking care of them helps reduce stress.

It really does not matter how anyone chooses to explore this type of relationship. What matters is the highly intimate connection that is built between the Caregiver and the Little. This connection is so highly intimate as a result of giving up some degree of control. The concept works because the submissive allows the dominant to take care of them, make decisions for them, and play with them.

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Here are some non-sexual roles and activities that are often seen in a DDLG relationship :-

  • The Caregiver can issue punishments when the Little is bratty or bad. Such punishments may include withholding favorite activities. These activities could be both sexual and non-sexual.
  • A Little may call the Caregiver Mommy or Daddy. The Caregiver may talk to the Little in a child-like way.
  • The Little may dress in a youthful way. This may be done for the benefit of the Caregiver or to help the Little get into their Little Space. This may involve adult onesies, cute tutus, cute skirts, and other cute items of clothing.
  • The Caregiver can create rules which are beneficial for the Little to follow. In most cases these rules will be in the best interest of the Little. These rules may involve things like a no swearing rule, a reminding them to do something, a bedtime hour, or making sure they have good manners. The Caregiver may also monitor and limit things such as candy while making sure they do certain chores. The only limit to such things is the Caregivers imagination.
  • It is very common for the Caregiver to do things such as brush the Little’s hair. They may also help them go potty and brush their teeth. Helping with their bedtime routine is also a hugely popular gesture.
  • The Caregiver and Little may watch cartoons together. The Little may also have their Caregiver monitor them while they play with toys.
  • The Little could draw or paint pictures for their Caregiver.
  •  A great way to help a Little age-regress further is for the Caregiver to take them to playgrounds, toy stores, fairgrounds, or parades.
  • The Caregiver can give their Little a bath complete with toys and bubbles.
  • Little’s may wear and use pull-ups or diapers. They may also enjoy being changed by their Caregiver.
  • Many DDLG relationships have the Little using a pacifier. This can then be taken away should they be bratty with their Caregiver.

These are just a few of the activities and roles that are common in DDLG relationship. The only limit is truly your own imagination. There is no such thing as right and wrong here as long as everyone is a consenting adult. The most important thing is that the Little is able to get in their Little Space and age regress. This is what it is all about.

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DDLG - What is a Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationship - A Beginners Guide To DDLG - GEt Started With DDLG

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