DDLG Rules for Little

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DDLG Rules for Little - Ideas for DDLG Rules

If you are interested in trying some DDLG play you are going to need to set some DDLG rules for Little. This is an essential part of this form of play.

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Examples of DDLG Rules for Little

When you are new to DDLG but are desperate to get started sometimes it is nice to have a helping hand. A little bit of guidance that can help you start the ball rolling. Here is a large list of suggestions of the best DDLG rules for Little to help get you started.

General DDLG Rules

  • In restaurants Little must show Daddy three things on the menu she would like. Daddy will then decide which of the three Little can eat
  • Daddy will also choose the drink fo rLittle
  • Little must stay by Daddy’s side. There must be no wandering off.
  • Under no circumstances must Little talk with strangers without permission from Daddy.

DDLG Rules – Playtime

  • Little must arrange her favorte stuffies in order. Her favorite must be on the right hand side with her least favorite on the left hand side.
  • One coloring book page must be completed each and every week.
  • Little must draw a picture for Daddy each and every week. This picture is to be stuck on the fridge.
  • A photo of Little with her favorite stuffy is needed for Daddy.

DDLG Rules – Bedtime

  • Little is required to read for thirty minutes each night before bed.
  • There will be no smartphones for at least thirty minutes before bed.
  • Bedtimes will be strictly enforced with Little being in bed with lights out before 10pm.
  • Little must put Daddy’s phone on charge before bed.
  • It is required for Little to sleep wearing cute panties of a cute t-shirt or naked.
  • Little is responsible for turning on her nightlight before going to bed.
  • There is only one stuffy allowed for bedtime.
  • Little must ensure her phone is on silent or turned off before bedtime.

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DDLG Rules – Personal Growth

  • Little must say her affirmations out loud in the mirror each morning.
  • Choose and read a non-fiction self-development book before the end of the week.
  • Keep a journal that talks of your experiences with Daddy. This journal should document what Little enjoys and dislikes. The diary should be shown to Daddy once a week on a specific day.
  • Include in your journal three things you are grateful for every day.
  • Write a summary of the last book you read and give it to Daddy. The summary should consist of 500 words.

DDLG Rules – Housework

Rules that focus on housework chores are very much focused on a submissive slave style of BDSM.

  • Bedding must be changed every week on a specific day.
  • Little must make her own bed each morning.
  • Daddy should have breakfast made for him by Little on the weekend.
  • Make a packed lunch for Daddy and yourself each morning before you both leave for work.
  • Little must lay out Daddy’s clothes for the next day before going to bed.
  • Daddy’s shirts must be ironed so he has them ready for the following week.
  • Shirts must also be hung up ready for Daddy so the do not get creased.
  • When Daddy gets home Little should present him with a drink.

DDLG Rules – Punishments

  • Little must sit on the bottom step for ten minutes.
  • Stand against the wall with your nose touching it for ten minutes.
  • Write out one hundred lines saying “I will always be good for Daddy.”
  • Fill in every O on a certain page in a magazine using a black pen.

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DDLG Rules – Daddy’s Pleasure

  • Little must always make herself look attractive for Daddy when in public. This should most certainly include wearing a cute outfit you know Daddy enjoys seeing you wearing.Wear a house collar when you are home alone with your Daddy.
  • If you are out in public change the house collar for a day collar.
  • Sleep naked when you share a bed with your Daddy.
  • If Little is relaxing at home she should wear nothing more than cotton panties and a warm top. Nothing else can be worn.
  • Daddy must always be asked for permission before Little sits on a chair or the couch.
  • Little must sit at Daddy’s feet. She can only sit on grown-up furniture with Daddy’s permission.
  • Daddy must have a filled water bottle by him at all times. Little is responsible for making sure it is filled up through the day.
  • Little must wear a short skirt and tight top. Alternatively Daddy can choose a prearranged outfit.

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DDLG Rules – Sexual

  • Little must always ask for Daddy’s permission before touching herself.
  • She must also ask Daddy’s permission before she allows herself to have an orgasm.
  • Little must put on a sexy show whenever Daddy requests one.
  • If Daddy commands Little to do so she should get undressed and wait naked on all fours on the bed.
  • Little should be waiting on her knees at the front door to greet Daddy when he returns home.

DDLG Rules – Health and Safety

  • Four glasses of water must be drank everyday.
  • You can eat enough food to feel satisfied but not so much to make you feel overly full.
  • Little must eat five helpings of fruit and vegetables a day.
  • Little must workout at the gym three times a week. Photos must be sent to Daddy as prove you actually went.
  • Daddy must be informed whenever Little leaves the house or is travelling. This is so he can ensure her safety.


As you would correctly assume this is not an exhaustive list of rules for Little to follow. There is actually no limit to the number of rules that can be made for your own DDLG relationship.  The only real limit is your own imagination and desires.

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