Arcwave Voy Stroker Review

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Welcome to my tried and tested hands on Arcwave Voy Stroker review. I have been lucky enough to spend a month getting to know this male sex toy and using it in the real world. It is my hope that my experiences which I will share with you here help you decide if this is the sex toy for you. Whether it is the best option to suit your own personal desires.

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Arcwave Voy Stroker Review – The Best Ever Compact Stroker?

Pros Cons
  • Eight Levels of Tightness Levels
  • Body-Safe Silicone Sleeve
  • Openings are Gender-Neutral
  • Discreet
  • Compact Size
  • High Lubricant Requirement
  • Noise During Use

Arcwave Voy Stroker Review - The Best Ever Compact Stroker?


To begin this Arcwave Voy Stroker review I want to talk about its design.

The Arcwave Voy is what I would class as a high end, luxury penis sleeve with some very unique and interesting features. The first of which is a specially designed adjustment system. It features an impressive 8 different levels of tightness allowing you to find the perfect fit for your own penis size.

It has clearly been designed with discreetness in mind. It comes in a casing which is very similar to a camera lens inside a sleek plastic case. Inside this casing is the sleeve itself. The sleeve itself is made from body-safe silicone and is ribbed on the inside which is what generates the stimulation as it moves up and down the penis.

Because it is so small it is pretty easy to clean.

The removable caps on each end of the casing make it easy and discreet when it is not in use. You could easily have someone open a draw, see it, and not recognise it as a sex toy.

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Best Size Penis for the Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy Stroker Review - The Best Ever Compact Stroker?

When I first started this Arcwave Voy Stroker review I must admit I was take aback by its compact size. I do not claim to have a huge penis but even still, I wondered how something so compact could stimulate my midget gem. For this reason I want to use this section of my Arcwave Voy Stroker review to discuss, what I feel, are the most suitable penis sizes to enjoy this compact stroker. After all you do not want to spend your hard earned money on a male sex toy only to discover its is totally incompatible with your penis.

Penis Girth:

The outer casing of the Arcwave Voy without any tightness applied measure approximately 5.5 inches in circumference. When you add the silicone sleeve you can add maybe 1/3 of an inch to that.

Taking these measurements into account I would suggest the Arcwave Voy is suitable for a penis with a girth under 5.5 inches without any adjustment. Having played about with the tightness adjustment settings on the toy I would say the minimum girth to enjoy the Arcvwave Voy is around 4 inches in girth. If you are unfortunate enough to be smaller than this then you may want to consider a different male sex toy.

The bottom line is that if you have a girth between 4 inches and 5.5 inches then this compact male stroker could be perfect for you.

Penis Length:

One of the great things about compact male stroker style sex toys like this is that they have openings at both ends. This means there is no limit to the length of a penis you can have to enjoy this sex toy.

It is worth nothing that if your penis is shorter than 4 inches in length then it wont stick out the other end of this sex toy. Anything over 4 inches obviously will.

The Arcwave Voy, as I have mentioned, has two ends which you can insert your penis. One end is slightly narrower and tighter than the other. The narrow end is an oval shape measuring 2.5cmx3cm. However, it can stretch much wider than this if required. The other, wider end measures a little later than 3.5cm. Which end you decide to use will depend on your penis size and how tight a sensation you desire especially around the head of your penis.

Gender Neutral Openings:

I am sure many of you out there will agree with me that it is nice to see a sex toy manufacturer such as Arcwave offering a toy that is pretty much gender neutral.

The openings of the Arcwave Voy, at both ends are gender neutral. They do not resemble a vagina, butt, or a mouth. I am sure some people out there will consider this to be like shagging a grapefruit. However, in my opinion this allows the toy to be enjoyed by pretty much anyone regardless of sexual preference.

Arcwave Voy vs Arcwave Ion vs Fleshlight Quickshot:

The obvious comparisons I wanted to make during this Arcwave Voy review is between it, the Arcwave Ion and, of course, the Fleshlight Quickshot.

Starting with a comparison between the Arcwave Voy and the Arcwave Ion. The Ion is considered to be the flagship male masturbator by Arcwave. This is because the the Ion is what is known as a motorized pressure wave stimulator. It is an automatic male masturbator that does the work for you. The Ion on the other hand is a simple masturbation sleeve. You still have to jerk off yourself only you use the sleeve for the added stimulation. In my opinion both the Voy and Ion offer very much the same type and level of of stimulation. Deciding between the two will undoubtedly come down to your budget and whether or not you desire an automatic male masturbator. Personally, I do not think the the Ion is worth the extra money but that is just me. If you are wanting an automatic male masturbtor you would be better of considering the likes of the Kiiroo Keon or the Lovense Solace.

When compared to the Fleshlight Quickshot both compact male sex toys are very similar. The most obvious thing to point is that the Fleshlight Quickshot is considerably cheaper that the Arcwave Voy. However, there is a lot of truth in the old saying about how you get what you pay for. While there is nothing wrong with the Fleshlight Quickshot it is simply not in the same league as they VOy in terms of quality. Both offer very similar experiences but if you want a sex toy that will last the test of time the Arcwave Voy is the toy you should most certainly choose.

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How to Use the Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy Stroker Review - The Best Ever Compact Stroker?

Throughout this Arcwave Voy review I found it an exceptionally easy sex toy to use. From the very first time I picked up right through to the last time I tried it before starting to type this review I never had a single issue with it.

To get started using the Arcwave Voy you start by simply removing the caps from both ends You can then twist the Tightness Adjustment ring and select whichever the tightest of 8 levels suits your penis size the best.

Once you have the tightness all sorted it is simply a case of getting freaky with some water based lubricant. I found the best method was to apply it to my penis and the inside of the sleeve.

Now you’ve done all that it is simply a case of picking an end to insert you penis into. That can be the larger or the narrower end depending on your own personal preference. Once you’re inside you can alter the tightness adjustment to make it fit perfectly. Just be sure to take it off your penis before altering the tightness of the toy. I made the mistake of trying to alter it while my penis was in side it. Just legs say the results of trying that were not pretty.

I did, at the start of this Arcwave Voy review, try using its with only one end cap removed. Again, the results of that experiment were far from pretty. You have no idea how much it hurts when you get a little over enthusiastic and thrust just that little be to hard. Try imaging your penis colliding with a wall an you will undoubtedly grasp what I am getting at. The moral of the story is that when you use this sex toy make sure you use it with both end caps removed.

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Arcwave Voy Material

The Arcwave Voy is manufactured from, what I would consider, high quality materials. The hard case is made from ABS plastic while the sleeve is made from bodysafe silicone which feels like a gift from the gods. It is very, very uncommon to find  male masturbator that is made from silicone. This is certainly a huge selling point of the Arcwave Voy as it makes it feel so insanely realistic. In fact I challenge anyone to touch the sleeve of this compact male masturbator and tell the difference between it and the real thing. It really is that lifelike.

How to Clean the Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy Stroker Review - The Best Ever Compact Stroker?

The Arcwave Voy turns out to be one of the easiest ever male sex toys to clean. In many cases you can give it a quick clean simply by rinsing it with warm, soapy water.  However, if you want to give it a more thorough clean you can open both end caps remove the inner sleeve and go to town giving it a more in-depth clean.

Personally, I choose to always clean my sex toys with water and a special sex toy cleaner. Just so I can be sure all germs and the likes are dealt with. After all who wants to end up with some sort of weird infection from using their favorite sex toy.

I will also mention at this point in this Arcwave Voy review that it is covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

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My Experience with the Arcwave Voy

The first thing I have to point out at this point in this Arcwave Voy review is that it you are looking to buy a sex toy that perfectly replicates the sensation of being in side a woman’s vagina then this is not the sex toy you you should buy. Because this compact male stroker is limited in length it simply cannot replicate this. However, with that said, it is still a hugely satisfying male sex toy to use.

What really stood out to me when using this toy was the tightness adjustment feature. If you’re anything like me and like the feeling of tightness around your penis then this toy is nothing short of a match made in heaven. What is interesting is how this toy feels tight as you insert you penis but not tight once you are inside it. This removes the obvious worry about your penis suffering from friction burns. The only real issue I had with the tightness adjustment feature was that since you’ll be using lubricants the adjustment dial becomes very slippery making it difficult to adjust.

I found that the Arcwave Voy offers a really pleasant, orgasmic experience. It is certainly up there among the best compact male strokers I have used.

It turned out to be a relatively quiet male stroker. Anyone who has used this type of male sex toy before will be aware they all make a noice. This is no different but it is certainly quieter than a fully sized Fleshlight.

You will certainly want to have a towel nearby when you are enjoying this toy. There is no real way of containing the lube you’re using so without the towel you are going to have the surrounding area covered.

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Arcwave Voy Review – Overall Thoughts

Arcwave Voy Stroker Review - The Best Ever Compact Stroker?

As far as male sex toys go I found this to be a true joy to play with. If you are in market for a compact male stroker this really is one of the best options that you could buy.

With 8 different tightness settings you can be sure it will fit you like a glove. This really is made for all types and size of penis.

It is made from bodysafe silicone and materials which feel very high end and heavenly on your penis.

I really love the compact nature of this toy meaning it is discreet and therefore the perfect travel companion. There is also the added bonus that it is completely waterproof meaning you can take it in the shower or bath to have some super hot wet fun.

I really cannot recommend this male stroker enough.

Yes, it is more expensive than the likes of the Fleshlight Quickshot. However, the Arcwave Voy really is the premium, high end offering.

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Pros and Cons of the Arcwave Voy Stroker


  • Eight Adjustable Tightness Levels: Customize your experience with multiple settings.
  • Body-Safe Silicone Sleeve: Ensures safety and hygiene during use.
  • Gender-Neutral Openings: Designed to accommodate any user comfortably.
  • Discreet Appearance: Low-profile design for inconspicuous use and storage.
  • Compact Size: Easy to store and transport, perfect for travel.


  • High Lubricant Requirement: Requires a significant amount of lubricant for optimal performance.
  • Noise During Use: Produces a crinkly sound with each thrust, which might be distracting or bothersome.

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