Kiiroo Keon Review

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When I got asked to do a Kiiroo Keon review you have no idea how excited I was. Since trying virtual reality porn when it first hit the mainstream I was a huge fan. The prospect of an interactive male sex toy that could allow me to feel what I was watching was something I was certainly excited about. What I was not expecting with this Kiiroo Keon review was that it offers so much more than being an interactive VR sex toy for men.

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Kiiroo Keon Review – Quick Look

Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

The Kiiroo Keon is an automatic male masturbator. It combines a Fleshlight style male stroker with the actual Keon device. The Keon device is used to hold and automate the movement of the stroker. Just like Fleshlight strokers the Kiiroo stroker features a plastic case with a replica vagina inside.

Getting Started

The Kiiroo Keon comes in a relatively small box. When the box is opened the stroker is fixed in position in the Keon. The stroker is easy to remove from the Keon simply by twisting it and sliding it out. This makes the stroker sleeve a breeze to clean while allowing it to be used like conventional manual male stroker.

A two second press of the power button is all that is needed to make the Keon spring into life. Once turned on lights on the side of the device start flashing indicating it is in Bluetooth paring mode. At this point it is possible to choose how the Kiiroo Keon will be controlled. In total there are four different different ways in which the Keon can be operated.

Manual Mode

The first part of my Kiiroo Keon review I decided I’d try manual mode. This mode allows the Keon to be controlled using the buttons located on the device. One set of buttons allows you to control the speed of the stroking action. The other sex of buttons controls the depth of the strokes.

Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

It is claimed by the manufacturer that the Keon can reach speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute. This claim certainly appears to be true although it is worth noting this speed is only achievable when the device is set to a shallow stroke depth. When it is set to its deepest strokes I would say the speed of the strokes is around 120 strokes per minute.

Manual mode is the simplest form of controlling the Keon. It works well if you are  wanting a quick release without the hassle of using the more advanced features.

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FeelConnect App

The second part of my Kiiroo Keon review looks at controlling the device using a specially designed app. This app is installed on your smartphone which is then used to control the toy. In its most basic form control is moved from the buttons on the side of the toy to your touchscreen on your smartphone.

The app actually offers much more than this simple form of control. This app also functions as a video chat client and messaging app. The purpose of this is to allow a partner, regardless of where they are in the world, to control your Keon. I tried this feature several times with my wife and I must confess we both really enjoyed it. There was something quite intimate about being able to video chat with your partner while they have control over your sex toy.

There was another awesome feature I discovered during this Kiiroo Keon review. The app that is installed on your phone also allows the Keon to be connected to a compatible female vibrator or toy. Both my wife and I were keen to try this so we decided to buy the Kiiroo Peral2.

Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

I must say we were both very impressed with this feature. Basically syncing the two devices allows both you and your partner to feel exactly what the other is feeling. This is a truly wonderful feature if you are in a long distance relationship. It is also a truly awesome feature if you or your partner travels a lot.

Syncing With Adult Content

This feature was definitely what I most excited about during this Kiiroo Keon review. The Keon can be synced with conventional 2D porn and with virtual reality porn. I am the first to admit I have loved virtual reality porn ever since the first time I tried it. The idea of making VR porn even more immersive was certainly an exciting prospect.

So, I set up my trusty HTC Vive, loaded up my favorite VR porn movie and started trying to connect the Keon up to my PC. This was where things got a little complicated. It turns out that it is easy to connect the Keon if you are using a smartphone based VR headset. However, if you are wanting to use the Keon with your PC things are a little more complicated.

A few Google searches was all it took to learn how to go about setting things up. It turned out to connect the Keon to a PC you need several pieces of software. You need a specific VR video player, a piece of software called ButtPlug and a script play. The ButtPlug software acts as an interface between the Keon while the script player plays the encoded file that replicates the action on the screen. This sounds much more complicated than it actually is. It would however be better if there was a simple plug and play setup method for those wanting to use the Keon with a PC based VR headset.

Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

Once I had everything connected I performed a quick test and the Keon appeared to be moving in time with the action. So I strapped on my HTC Vive VR headset, positioned the Keon in place, and restarted my favorite VR porn movie. The end result was that I was truly blown away with the experience. It is one thing to visually see the stunning Brandi Love giving you a blowjob or riding you cowgirl style. It is mind blowing to not only see her doing this but to feel it at the same time. The Keon really does perfectly sync up with what you are watching. It even manages to stimulate the exact same area of the penis as you witness in the VR scene.

The truth is even if you think VR porn is the best thing ever it is about to get a whole lot better when you try it with the Kiiroo Keon.

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Kiiroo Keon Compatibility

One of the key aspects that any consumer considers before investing in a high-tech pleasure device like the Kiiroo Keon is its compatibility with other devices and platforms. This is something I wanted to cover in this Kiiroo Keon review.

The Kiiroo Keon is designed to offer an immersive and interactive experience, and its compatibility with various devices and content platforms significantly enhances its appeal. In this section of the review, we’ll delve into the compatibility of the Kiiroo Keon with different devices and content sources.

Device Compatibility:

  • Smartphones and Tablets: The Kiiroo Keon is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or an Android smartphone or tablet, you can seamlessly connect the Keon to your device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for an immersive experience.
  • PCs and Laptops: For those who prefer a larger screen and more robust controls, the Kiiroo Keon is also compatible with PCs and laptops. By connecting the device to your computer via Bluetooth or USB, you can enjoy interactive content with greater precision and control.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets: One of the standout features of the Kiiroo Keon is its compatibility with VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and others. This integration allows users to experience synchronized pleasure in conjunction with virtual reality content, adding a new dimension to their sensory experience.

Content Compatibility:

  • Interactive Videos and Games: The Kiiroo Keon is designed to work seamlessly with interactive adult content, including videos and games. By syncing the device with compatible content platforms, users can enjoy a more immersive and lifelike experience, where the movements of the Keon correspond to the on-screen action.
  • Webcam Performances: For those who enjoy live interactions, the Kiiroo Keon is compatible with webcam performances by select performers and platforms. This feature allows users to connect with their favorite performers in real-time, enhancing the intimacy and interactivity of the experience.
  • Customizable Content: Beyond pre-existing content, the Kiiroo Keon also supports customizable experiences through its open platform. Users can create their own interactive scenarios, tailor-made to their preferences, using compatible software and tools.
  • FeelMe AI: A recent development from Kiiroo is an artificial platform called FeelMe AI. The biggest issue with automatic male strokers like the Keon is that if you use them with porn that porn movie has to be encoded with what is called a funscript. This, in the past, has caused an issue should you want to use your auto stoker with a porn movie without a funscript. Now, thanks to FeelMe AI, you simply run your porn movie through the platform and the AI replciates what is happening on the screen. That means you get to feel everything you see on the screen. Personally I feel the FeelMe AI platform and the likes of the Kiiroo Keon is the future of adult entertainment. Check out FeelMe AI by clicking here.

Third-Party Integration:

  • Interactive Platforms: The Kiiroo Keon is compatible with a growing number of interactive platforms and applications, allowing users to expand their experience beyond traditional content sources. Whether it’s through dedicated apps or integrated support within existing platforms, users have access to a diverse array of interactive experiences.
  • Developer Support: Kiiroo actively engages with developers to encourage the creation of innovative applications and experiences for the Keon. This support fosters a vibrant ecosystem of third-party integrations, ensuring that users always have access to fresh and exciting content.

The Kiiroo Keon stands out for its extensive compatibility with a wide range of devices, content sources, and third-party integrations. Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or a casual user, the Keon offers a versatile and immersive experience that can be tailored to your preferences. Its seamless connectivity and robust feature set make it a compelling choice for those seeking a next-level pleasure device.

Kiiroo Keon and Lubricants

Lubricants play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of using pleasure devices like this and are something I wanted to mention in this Kiiroo Keon review. They not only reduce friction but also add to the comfort and pleasure quotient. However, when it comes to using lubricants with the Kiiroo Keon, there are certain considerations to keep in mind to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the device.

Water-Based Lubricants:

  • Water-based lubricants are generally recommended for use with the Kiiroo Keon. They are compatible with the device’s materials and are less likely to cause any damage or degradation over time.
  • These lubricants are also easier to clean off the Keon after use, ensuring proper maintenance and hygiene.

Silicone-Based Lubricants:

  • While silicone-based lubricants can provide a longer-lasting and silkier feel, they are not always recommended for use with the Kiiroo Keon.
  • Silicone lubricants may degrade the silicone and other materials used in the construction of the Keon, potentially causing damage or affecting its performance over time.

Hybrid Lubricants:

  • Hybrid lubricants, which combine water and silicone-based ingredients, are another option to consider when using the Kiiroo Keon.
  • However, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the specific hybrid lubricant with the materials of the Keon and to perform a spot test if uncertain.

Lubricant Application:

  • When applying lubricant to the Kiiroo Keon, it’s crucial to use it sparingly and to distribute it evenly across the surface of the device.
  • Excessive lubrication can lead to slippage and reduced sensation, while insufficient lubrication can cause discomfort and friction.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • After each use, it’s important to clean the Kiiroo Keon thoroughly to remove any residue of lubricant or bodily fluids.
  • Use mild soap and water or a toy cleaner specifically designed for use with pleasure devices to clean the Keon.
  • Allow the device to dry completely before storing it to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

While lubricants can enhance the pleasure and comfort of using the Kiiroo Keon, it’s essential to choose the right type of lubricant and to apply it judiciously to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the device. Water-based lubricants are generally recommended, but if opting for other types, it’s important to exercise caution and perform compatibility tests if unsure. By following proper cleaning and maintenance procedures, users can enjoy a satisfying and hygienic experience with their Kiiroo Keon.

Kiiroo Keon Battery Life

Like pretty much ever automatic male masturbator out there the Kiiroo Keon is equipped with a rechargeable battery. That means, thankfully, there is no need to keep replacing the batteries. Just make sure you have the thing charged before you decide you want to play with it.

Kiiroo claims that the battery can be fully charged in 4 hours. They also claim that a single charge allows between 30 minutes and 2 hours of usage depending on how fast or deep the strokes are.

When I received my Kiiroo Keon it was approximately 67% charged out the box. Once I’d run the battery down in the real world I found the Keon reached full charge in a little less than 4 hours. When it came to overall battery life I found that as an average I would get an hour of use from a single charge. Not that I ever managed to last this long when using the Keon. I did however leave it running along with a VR porn movie and, in most cases, an the battery would last a little more than an hour.


Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

As you will have guessed this Kiiroo Keon review led to me cleaning the device a lot. Cleaning the toy is pretty much the same as cleaning a Fleshlight. The stroker is removed from the Keon then the sleeve is removed from the stroker case. Then it is simply a case of rinsing the sleeve with warm water along with Kiiroo’s special cleaning solution. Once the sleeve has had time to dry out it is put back in the case, the lid is put back on the case, and the stroker can then be secured back into the Keon which can be put on charge.

What I Live About the Kiiroo Keon

I really did fall in love during this Kiiroo Keon review. It really is one of the best interactive male sex toys I have ever been lucky enough to use. I really love how it can be used in manual mode if you are simply looking for a quick fix. On the other end of the scale I really loved what it has done for my sex life when either my wife or I are travelling with work. It really is amazing being able to have sex with your partner wherever they happen to be.

The best thing about this toy is the fact it syncs with your favorite adult content. I was truly blown away with this feature. What is not to love about been able to strap on a virtual reality headset and literally feel your favorite porn star? This really is a game changer in the world of adult entertainment.

The last device I tried which was similar to this toy was the Fleshlight Launch. I personally feel the Kiiroo Keon is the better device. The Keon is a more compact toy and looks much sleeker. It also has better battery life than the Launch and is quieter in its operation.

What I Did Not Like About the Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

There really is not that much I can complain about with this interactive sex toy. However I do wish setting up the device to work with a PC based VR headset was a little more straight forward. Following the instructions on the internet make the process simple enough. It is a little bit of a faff when initially setting things up.

Perhaps Kiiroo are aware of this and will look at fixing it in the future.


Well, I would guess the question on everyones lips is – would I buy the Kiiroo Keon now that I have tried it? Well, put simply, yes I would buy the Keon. Just because the feature allowing it to sync with my favortie porn movies would be enough to make me want to buy it. Once I discovered the other features this device has to offer makes this a must own device.

The bottom line is that I cannot recommend the Kiiroo Keon enough. As an automatic male masturbator, as virtual reality sex toy, and as a long distance couples toy. The Keon is truly fantastic.

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Kiiroo Keon Review - Interactive Male VR Sex Toys For Men and Virtual Reality Sex Toys

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