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The best custom sex doll offers the ultimate experience when it comes to male sex toys. While standard, off the peg, sex dolls are certainly fantastic toys if you design your own sex doll your own sex doll you can have something that is both unique and nothing short of perfect for your own individual tastes and needs. The only question is – what is the best custom sex doll that money can buy?

With so many different sex doll manufacturers it is exceptionally difficult to work out which is the best. Hopefully we can help you choose the best custom sex doll manufacturer ideally suited to your needs.

Best Custom Sex Doll – Quick Look

When it comes to buying the buying the best custom sex doll things are not as simple as they may seem. What is best for one person may not be best for another. Everything from realism to price to quality and more is a factor depending on each individual person.

Here are our choices of the best custom sex doll available.

RealDoll – Best Custom Sex Doll Overall

Best Custom Sex Doll - Best Cheap Custom Sex Doll - Best Custom Sex Dolls - RealDoll

Anyone who is researching to buy a sex doll will undoubtedly, sooner or later, come across RealDoll. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy a standard sex doll or the very best custom sex doll, RealDoll is the premium manufacturer in this industry.

RealDoll is a company known for producing the most realistic and lifelike sex dolls anywhere in the world. Not only are RealDoll products highly realistic they are also of an exceptionally high quality. In fact it is fair to say these are the highest qualities sex dolls that money can buy.

When it comes to customising a sex doll from this company you could not ask for an easier process. Your first option is to speak with the company directly either over the phone or via email. From here you can explain to RealDoll exactly what it is you are looking for from your doll. You can describe what you want your doll to look like and they will ask you for photos if you are creating a doll to look like a real person.

Alternatively you can use the RealDoll website to create the very best custom sex doll. It is possible to choose every last attribute of your doll simply by using the company website. There is the option of choosing from a wide range of body types, heights, hairstyles and colors, facial features, breast size, skin tone, eye color, and much more. The sheer number of options that are available when making your own customized RealDoll is mind blowing. It is literally possible to create thousands of different sex dolls simply by using their website. That is before you even consider contacting this company to design something exceptionally unique.

The one and only downside of buying a RealDoll is the price. As with everything in life you get what you pay for. Sex dolls are no exception to that rule. While RealDoll are the most realistic and the very best that money can buy they are also happen to be the most expensive. This obviously puts these remarkable sex dolls out of reach for a lot of people. However, they really are worth every last penny and there is not another brand of sex doll that can come close to competing. The bottom line is that when it comes to the best custom sex doll that money can buy things start and finish with RealDoll.

WM Doll – Best Custom Sex Doll – Affordable

Best Custom Sex Doll - Best Cheap Custom Sex Doll - Best Custom Sex Dolls - WM Doll

The majority of people looking to buy the best custom sex doll will feel the price tag of a RealDoll is too high. That is fine and we assure you that you are in the majority not minority. The good news is there are sex doll manufacturers who offer incredible dolls at a very reasonable price. One such manufacturer and our second choice of best custom sex doll manufacturer is WM Doll.

WM Doll is a Chinese sex doll manufacturer which has quickly become one of the most popular in the industry. Your average WM Doll will, in most cases, set you back less than $2,000. When you see a doll by this manufacturer you cannot help but be amazed and this value. The fact these dolls are so incredibly realistic yet so well priced is astonishing. This makes WM Doll not just the best custom sex doll manufacturer of well priced products but one of the best doll manufacturers in general. These sex dolls are available from a range of sellers all over the world. Any reputable seller will carry a huge number of highly realistic, high quality, off-the-peg, sex dolls. However, WM Doll and the many sellers of WM Dolls offer a wide range of customiaztions.

Sellers offer a wide range of customizations at the point of purchase. Such customizations include attributes such as body type, breast size, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle and color, even the heads can be altered creating a totally unique appearance. The very fact WM Doll and sellers offer these customizations free at the point of sale makes these dolls even better value.

YL Doll

Best Custom Sex Doll - Best Cheap Custom Sex Doll - Best Custom Sex Dolls - YL Doll

Our third pick of best custom sex doll manufacturer is YL Doll. This company is based in China and produces mainly high quality sex dolls which are made from high quality TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers). While silicone was once the material of choice for sex doll skin TPE is quickly taking over. TPE offers many of the same benefits that silicone offers. The biggest difference between the two materials is cost. TPE is a much cheaper material meaning a TPE sex doll will always cost you less than a silicon sex doll.

Like many Chinese sex doll manufacturers YL Dolls can usually be found costing less than $2,000. This is great news as most of us do not have the option of spending new car money on a sex doll.

YL Doll offer a wide range of readymade, off-the-peg sex dolls for sale. These dolls can be taken home the same day providing the store has your chosen model in stock. Each sex doll can also be customized at the point of purchase. It is possible to change the majority of attributes of these dolls including things like hair, face, skin tone, breast size, eye color and much more. It is also good to know that most sellers offer such customizations at no extra cost.

The main reason why we have chosen YL Doll as our third choice is simple. Personally, we find that WM Doll offers sex dolls that look just that little more realistic and lifelike. For us that is a huge part of buying and owning a sex doll.

6YE Doll

Best Custom Sex Doll - Best Cheap Custom Sex Doll - Best Custom Sex Dolls - 6YE Doll

Yet another Chinese sex doll manufacturer is 6YE Doll. This company is our forth pick of best custom sex doll manufacturer. Once again sex dolls manufactured by this company will, in most cases, set you back less than $2,000. As we have already stated this is a phenomenal price for a sex doll. Sure, you can buy sex dolls that are under $500 but, as you would imagine, they are poor quality and highly unrealistic.

6YE Doll make their sex dolls using a lightweight steel skeleton covered with a skin manufactured from TPE. While 6YE Doll fall short of the realism of a WM Doll sex doll they are still pretty darn lifelike. These dolls are usually offered for sale in a wide range of standard, off-the-peg versions. Each version can then be altered and customized to meet your individual tastes. Such customizations can include body type, height, skin tone, breast size, eye color, head, and hair. Even things such as the dolls pubic hair can be customized.

6YE Doll is chosen as our number four choice of best custom sex doll is down to one reason. This manufacturer is very similar to YL Doll. What puts 6YE Doll above this company is simply because 6YE doll have a wider range of products available for customization.

Sino Doll

Best Custom Sex Doll - Best Cheap Custom Sex Doll - Best Custom Sex Dolls - Sino Doll

Our fifth and final pick of best custom sex doll manufacturer is Sino Doll. Yet again this is a sex doll manufacture based in China which offers a range of off-the-shelf dolls which can be customized at the point of sale.

Sino Doll have a solid reputation for producing some exceptionally high quality sex dolls. The dolls that they create use a lightweight steel skeleton covered in skin made from high quality TPE. Sex dolls that have been manufactured by Sino doll are very realistic and can be customized with no extra cost at the point of purchase. Similar to other Chinese manufacturers Sino Dolls can have such attributes such as skin tone, body type and height, breast size, facial features, and much more customized to suit your tastes.

Personally, we feel that Sino Doll is a manufacturer that is very similar to other Chinese manufacturers. What slides them into the number five slot is the price of the dolls. They are usually sold at over $2,000 which makes them less appealing to other dolls. Especially when you compare them to the likes of WM Doll. They also have a somewhat limited range of dolls available and ready for customization.


When it comes to buying the very best custom sex doll, in our opinion, the choice is very simple.

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a RealDoll then this is, without any hesitation or doubt, the best custom sex doll that money can buy. Look no further and accept no substitutes as RealDoll really is the best of the best. If you, like the majority of people, are looking for a highly realistic, high quality sex doll that will not cost the same as a used car the number one choice is WM Doll. They offer a huge range of dolls that can all be customized. They are also sold at a very competitive price and are exceptional value for money.

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