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The best realistic sex doll products have certainly come a long way in recent years. Forget about those inflatable sex dolls you see at hen and bachelor parties. Nowadays dolls are so highly realistic it could easily mistake it for a real woman. With so many different companies producing dolls the biggest question people have is – what is the best realistic sex doll?

Best Realistic Sex Doll – Quick Look

There are several factors to consider when choosing a realistic sex doll. Obviously the first and most obvious thing people consider is how lifelike the doll happens to be. The truth is there is more that should be considered.

Most people do not have an infinite budget to spend on a sex doll. Therefore the cost of a sex doll is an important factor to consider. You will certainly need to consider the quality of the doll. Imagine buying an ultra realistic sex doll then realising the arms fell off. Here, we will attempt to consider all the factors involved when looking to buy the best realistic sex doll.

1 – RealDoll – Best Realistic Sex Doll Overall

RealDoll is a sex doll manufacturer based in California, USA and is our number one choice of best realistic sex doll manufacturer.

How Realistic Are They?

Best Realistic Sex Doll - Buy Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls - RealDoll

You really will have to go a long, long way to find anything that competes with RealDoll. This company produces the most realistic sex dolls anywhere in the world. Each and every doll this company produces is a true work of art. Every single last thing about these dolls is truly sensational. Anyone looking to buy a realistic sex doll should be considering a RealDoll. We highly advise looking at their website so you can see for yourself just how lifelike these dolls really are. They could easily pass for a real woman.

Build Quality

Having used sex dolls from many different manufacturers over the years, once again, there really is no competition to RealDoll. The quality of their products is first class in every single way.

The silicon skin of each doll is of the very highest quality. It is robust while looking and feeling highly realistic. From the very second you set eyes on a RealDoll you can clearly see the level of skill that has went into painting the skin to make it so lifelike.

The skeleton is constructed from high quality, lightweight steel. It is not uncommon for a sex doll to have issues with joints. Usually the joints of a doll will be overly stiff when new and become too loose within a few months. You will experience no such issues with a RealDoll. Each and every joint is manufactured to the highest level meaning they work perfectly from the very second you receive your RealDoll.

Range and Customizations

RealDoll offer a large range of preconfigured dolls. In fact we would suggest that you will find it difficult to look at their range and not find a doll that you fall in love with. However, if you want to design your own doll or customize a preconfigured doll RealDoll excels in this area as well. It is possible to design a RealDoll from scratch using their website or to contact them and have them design a doll to your own custom specification. There is literally thousands of options and combinations available so you cannot fail to create the ultimate personalized doll.


The only negative thing about RealDoll is their price tag. We all know that you get what you pay for and that rule certainly applies to sex dolls. You can expect to pay anywhere from several thousand dollars to over ten thousand dollars for a RealDoll. Yes, this is very expensive but they really are worth every last penny.


If you are able to afford the price tag on a RealDoll we assure you that you will not find a more realistic doll anywhere. There is no other sex doll manufacturer that comes close to the realism and quality of these dolls.

2 – WM Doll – Best Realistic Sex Doll – Affordable

WM Doll is probably one of the worlds best know sex doll brands. This sex doll manufacturer is based in China and has several authorized sellers around the globe. WM Dolls are considered to be excellent value for money and offer a huge range of preconfigured dolls.

How Realistic Are They?

Best Realistic Sex Doll - Buy Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls - WM Doll

When WM Doll first began manufacturing sex dolls their early creations were questionable. Some dolls looks sort of lifelike whereas others looked no better than a children’s toy. Since then WM Doll have started producing some of the most realistic sex doll products available available. It is fair to say that pretty much every model of doll this company produces looks as close to human as you could ever hope for.

Build Quality

Having used and owned many WM Doll products we have always been very impressed with their quality. The skin is made from high quality TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) which looks and feels just like the real thing. More importantly TPE if a very durable material meaning these sex dolls can take a beating without showing any sign of damage.

The skeleton of WM Doll products is manufactured from lightweight steel. What is important about a sex doll skeleton is the joints. WM Doll have joints which are very good quality. From experience a new doll from this manufacturer tends to suffer from stiff joints. However, after about a week these joints loosen off and remain just right without any issues.

Range and Customizations

WM Doll offer, quite literally, hundreds of preconfigured dolls. Whatever type of woman you like you can be sure that WM Doll will have a preconfigured doll that you will find attractive. However, it is also possible to customize each preconfigured doll. It is possible to change everything including skin tone, body type and height, breast size, eye color, even the face can be altered. It is actually possible to buy several heads for a WM Doll allowing you to change your dolls appearance in a matter of seconds.


The truly great thing about WM Doll is the price of their sex dolls. With a price tag of around the $2,000 mark they are certainly now what you would call cheap. However, for a realistic sex doll that is as lifelike as these this is a very, very good price bracket. There is also the chance you will catch a sale in a sex doll shop where you could find a WM Doll for sale at less than $1,500.


When it comes to buying a realistic sex doll you will not find a better value product than what is offered from WM Doll. These dolls are highly realistic and exceptional value for money.

3 – 6YE Doll

6YE Doll is another sex doll manufacturer that is based in China. They have official sex doll shops located in various countries around the globe.

How Realistic Are They?

Best Realistic Sex Doll - Buy Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls - 6YE Doll

Dolls manufactured by 6YE Doll certainly realistic. However, they are not so realistic that you could mistake them easily for a  real human being. There are a few dolls made by this company which stand out from the others.

Our honest opinion is that these dolls tend to have realistic heads but their bodies let them down. This is simply because, in our opinion, the thickness of limbs is sometimes a little uneven.

Build Quality

Like the majority of sex dolls these days 6YE Doll use high quality TPE for the skin on their dolls. The skin highly durable stands up well to all sorts of abuse.

The skeleton in these dolls is made from lightweight steel and features movable joints. These joints have a tendency to be a little on the stiff side when a doll is new. However, they soon loosen off over the period of a week or two.

Range and Customizations

While 6YE Doll offer a good range of preconfigured dolls it does not compare to WM Doll. However, the dolls that they do produce can all be cusomized to suit your individual tastes and desires. Such customizations include attributes such as the face, skin tone, body type, breast size and hair.


6YE Doll can usually be found being sold in a very attractive price bracket. In most cases you will be able to find these dolls on sale for less than $2,000. There are a few of their preconfigured dolls which are slightly more expensive. However, such dolls are the more lifelike of their range and most certainly worth the extra money.


There really is little to complain about when it comes to 6YE Doll. The majority of these dolls are realistic and lifelike and exceptional value for money. The only thing that lets down 6YE Doll is their limited range of preconfigured dolls.

4 – YL Doll

YL Doll is yet another sex doll manufacturer located in China with official sellers located all over the world. They are quickly becoming a hugely popular brand and one of the worlds most popular brands of sex doll.

How Realistic Are They?

Best Realistic Sex Doll - Buy Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls - YL Doll

The bottom line when it comes to YL Doll and how lifelike they look is that it depends very much on the doll. There are some dolls that look totally unrealistic and others that look just like a real person. In our opinion, for some unknown reason, YL have a habit of taking a realistic sex doll and adding totally unnatural looking eyes. However, it is worth pointing out that while certain dolls from this manufacturer are spoilt there are others which look fantastic. You can judge for yourself simply by looking at the dolls.

Build Quality

Once again this is a sex doll manufacturer that uses high quality TPE for skin. The TPE looks and feels just like real human skin. It also stands up to a good degree of punishment without showing any signs of damage.

The skeleton which gives these dolls their shape is made from lightweight steel and features movable joints. Like most sex dolls these joints tend to feel a little on the tight side when brand new. However, they soon start to loosen off with use and appear to stand up to a high degree of abuse without breaking.

Range and Customizations

YL Doll offer a decent range of preconfigured sex dolls which can all be customized. If these customizations are carried out at the point of purchase they are usually available at no extra cost. Such customiaztions include changing attributes such as hair color and style, body shape, skin tone, breast size, even the pubic hair can be altered to suit your individual preferences.


One of the truly great things about Chinese sex doll manufacturers has to be the price. Their cheap production costs really helps keep the retail price of sex dolls as low as possible. In most cases you will be able to buy a YL Doll for around the $2,000 mark. This is exceptional value especially when you consider most upgrades and customizations are free.


Overall YL Doll produce some of the best realistic sex doll products on the market. They are excellent value for money and made to a very high standards. They are well suited to anyone who is looking to buy a realistic sex doll with an exotic twist to its appearance. It is even possible to buy a highly realistic elf sex doll from this manufacturer.

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