Sex Doll Genie Review

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As you have likely realised when it comes to buying a sex doll there are a lot of online retailers out there. One of the more popular online sex doll retailers is Sex Doll Genie. This Sex Doll Genie review will hopefully help you decide if they are the vendor you would like to buy your doll from.

At the time of writing I have purchased two sex dolls from this company and always had good experiences.

Sex Doll Genie Review – Quick Look

Sex Doll Genie is a small family run business based in the state of Florida although the business is actually registered in Wyoming. They started life as a simple husband and wife team and, thanks to a huge rise in sales, grew to include a small team of dedicated employees.

The company prides themselves on providing high quality male sex toys and first class customer service. They are also one of the view sex doll retailers who are recommended by the Doll Forum.

The Sex Doll Genie Website

Sex Doll Genie Review - Are They Legit - Best Sex Doll Retailer Online

They say that first impressions last and retail websites of any description are no exception to that rule. The first thing I noticed when going about this Sex Doll Genie review was how great the website looked. If you are anything like me I am sure you will agree that if a website does not look professional the very second you first look at it then you can be put off from making a purchase. This is exceptionally true when you are spending the kind of money you will need to so you can buy a sex doll.

The first thing you notice about the Sex Doll Genie website is it looks professional. Even more importantly it is easy to navigate and clearly shows you contact the company by phone or email. Something that is always important when making a purchase from a company.

It is possible to search for the sex doll of your dreams by brand, looks, bra size, or various other body attributes. It really is pretty difficult to get lost on this well designed website.

Range of Sex Dolls

A sex doll retailer can be the very best in the world but if it does not have the perfect sex doll fo you then everything else is pointless The good news is that Sex Doll Genie has a fantastic range of sex dolls for sale.

They sell dolls for a good range of manufacturers and stock, what would appear to be, a sex doll for everyone. The range of dolls they have on sale is nothing short of epic. They even offer the choice of designing your own doll from scratch of modifying a pre-made doll. I would be very surprised if Sex Doll Genie did not have what you are looking for in a sex doll. They literally sell everything from sex doll torsos to fully functional AI robotic sex dolls to sex doll heads.


Sex Doll Genie Review - Are They Legit - Best Sex Doll Retailer Online

If you are anything like me when you buy something online you check everywhere for the best possible price. As the owner of several sex dolls I have spent countless hours online not only looking for the perfect sex doll but the best possible price.

In search through what felt like every single online sex doll shop I found only a handful that offered what I would consider to be good value. Sex Doll Genie was indeed one of those retailers. The dolls they sell can be found from other retailers. However, you will be unlikely to find a reputable retailer who sells sex dolls at such a good price point.

The bottom line here is Sex Doll Genie offers sex dolls for sale at a very competitive price point.

Even if you were to find a sex doll elsewhere Sex Doll Genie will be more than happy to match the price. How cool is that?

Customer Service

This is always a really big deal for me whenever I buy anything, especially online. The good news is that I can confirm Sex Doll Genie has what I would call first class customer service. You can contact them on the phone, via email, or using the contact form on their website.

If you have a question before you make a purchase or after you have received your doll you can be sure Sex Doll Genie will be there to help you. When I bought my first doll from them I contacted them via email and they replied within the hour. I have also spoke with them several times on the phone and they have always been super helpful.

An important part of this Sex Doll Genie review I really must point out is how good they are at staying in touch with their customers. From the very second you order your doll all the way through to the shipping and delivery process they are truly fantastic. You will be kept informed of everything that happens when it happens without fail. This is a huge positive for me and one of the main reasons I would highly recommend Sex Doll Genie.


Sex Doll Genie Review - Are They Legit - Best Sex Doll Retailer Online

As an average this sex doll retailer says they estimate that a doll will be delivered within 3-6 weeks of ordering. In most cases this will be around 2 weeks. It is worth pointing out that at certain times of the year when things are busier things can take a maximum of 6 weeks. In my personal experience the longest I have waited for delivery of a doll from this company was 16 days.

Probably more important than how long it takes to deliver a doll is the way they are packaged. You will be glad to know when you receive your sex doll no one will be aware of what is inside. This company takes the privacy of their customers very seriously indeed. There will be no indication on the box or on any paper work indicating what is inside your delivery. After all who wants their neighbors or the delivery guy to know what is in the box you receive. That is your business and no one else’s.

The box that you receive your sex doll in is not only discreet but solid. It really would take some neglectful efforts from the delivery company to damage the box. Your doll will be well cushioned and padded inside the box. Overall, you really could not hope for better protection for your doll as she is shipped to you.

Why I would Recommend Sex Doll Genie

The first and most important reason I would highly recommend this company is simply because of their customer service. This company offers the most friendly of services you could ever hope for. Whatever your query you can be sure they are there to help you. They also go above and beyond making sure you are kept informed from the moment you order a doll through to when it is delivered.

Sex Doll Genie Review - Are They Legit - Best Sex Doll Retailer Online

Should you have any issues when your doll is delivered – they will be sure to make sure you end up a happy customer. It is not uncommon to receive your sex doll only to fins some free extras included with it. What is not to love about service like this?

Something else I truly love about this sex doll retailer is how easy and discreet they make it to pay. They accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and even offer a payment plan should you want to spread the cost of buying a sex doll.

There is also the fact they offer what they call the ‘Genie Guarantee’. This means you get repair support for the entire lifetime of your doll. This is sure to give you peace of mind.

I also love that they will happily replace a defective sex doll with minimum fuss and hastle.

They even offer you free shipping to anywhere in the world. The only thing you will be responsible for is any import taxes which is fair enough.

I also love that they have more than 1,000 sex dolls for sale and offer a custom sex doll creation service. On top of this they even offer to match the price of any doll you may have found cheaper elsewhere.

I really could go on and on as there are so many things about Sex Doll Genie that would make me recommend them.

You can certainly buy from this retailer with confidence.

Things That could Be Better

Sex Doll Genie Review - Are They Legit - Best Sex Doll Retailer Online

There really is not all that much which I do not like about Sex Doll Genie. I have heard rumors that it can sometimes take time to get them on the phone. Personally I have never had such an issue but it is worth pointing out the company is run by a small team. If you do have any issue contacting them on the phone, leave a message and they will quickly get back to you.

The only other thing I do not care for but understand is about their refund policy. You should not expect a refund for any purchase. This is undoubtedly due to hygiene issues which is totally understandable. However, it is worth pointing out they do have a solid return and replacement policy which is unmatched in the industry.

Reasons You Should Buy From Sex Doll Genie

Regardless of whether you are buying your first sex doll or just adding yo your collection the customer service here is the very best in the industry. This is so important when buying online and one of the biggest reasons you should buy from them. Regardless of the stage you are at in the buying process or how silly your question sounds just get in touch with them and ask. You can be 100% certain they will answer your question with the highest level of professionalism you could ever hope for.

They have one of the largest range of sex dolls, both TPE and silicon, of any retailer on the internet. Not only do they have an extensive range but they have a price match guarantee so you will always get the best possible price. Combine this with their payment plan for payment and you just cannot go wrong.

You can visit the Sex Doll Genie website here.

Sex Doll Genie Review - Are They Legit - Best Sex Doll Retailer Online

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