DDLG Long Distance Rewards

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Just because a Daddy and Little happen to be a part does not mean the relationship ends. It is perfectly possible to have a long distance DDLG relationship. You will simply need some rules, punishments, and of course some DDLG long distance rewards.

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DDLG Long Distance Rewards

It can most certainly be difficult to find inspiration to come up with DDLG long distance rewards. For that reason we have listed a few ideas for DDLG long distance rewards to get you started.

1 – Extra TV / Internet / Playtime

A great way to reward Little for good behavior is allowing her some extra playtime. It does not have to be specifically extra playtime that you allow Little. You can always allow her an extra hour of internet time or an hour extra television. All of these would make excellent rewards for your Little.

2 – Send Little a Gift

Nothing makes someone feel great like a gift. Gifts are also fantastic way to say thank you or as a reward for doing something well. If your Little deserves a treat as a reward why not send her a gift that she was not expecting. Try to choose a gift that you know she will love and what will feel like a treat to her.

3 – Little Can Goto Bed One Hour Later

Who can remember when they were younger and they were allowed to stay up an extra hour. Can you remember the excitement you used to feel? Well, just imagine what a treat it will be for Little if you reward her good behavior with a slightly later bedtime than usual.

4 – Little Has No Chores For An Entire Day

Who does not love a day off from work and chores? Well, this is exactly what makes this such a wonderful reward for your Little. Assuming you have given Little designated chores even though to two of you are apart you can reward her with a day off from those chores.

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5 – Little Gets a Sticker on Her Chart

Many Daddy Dom’s will make and use a sticker chart for their Little. If your Little has been a particularly good girl you could reward her with a sticker on her chart. Perhaps when she gets a certain amount of stickers she will get a bigger reward.

6 – A Sexy Video Chat Session (if she wants one)

If you have a sexual relationship with your Little then you could reward her with an extra special Skype or video chat session.

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