DDLG Long Distance Rules

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DDLG Long Distance Rules for Littles

When you are in a long distance DDLG relationship things can be tough. It is difficult for Daddy to be able to give the proper care and it can be difficult for Little to follow the rules without discipline. If you are in a LDR you are certainly going to need some DDLG long distance rules.

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DDLG Long Distance Rules

Just because Daddy Dom and Little are apart does not mean a DDLG relationship cannot work. All you need is some careful planning and a little imagination. This way Daddy can keep a close eye on Little in order to make sure she is safe and behaving correctly. After all just because your Little is so far way does not mean your responsibilities as the caregiver will change. Little’s are, by their very nature, very delicate and unable to look after themselves.

Here are some great ideas for DDLG long distance rules for you to try.

1 – Little Must Check in With Daddy at Specific Times

When Daddy and Little are apart it can cause distress for both parties. Daddy will worry about Little and Little will struggle to take care of herself. She may even start misbehaving without the watchful eye of Daddy. This is why setting a rule that Little has to check in at set intervals is a great idea. Little will not have the opportunity to go to astray before she has to check in with her Daddy.

2 – Little Must Never Keep Secrets From Daddy

When Daddy and Little are apart for any length of time it would be very easy for Little to misbehave. Daddy would have no way of knowing which makes this one of the best DDLG long distance rules. Little must never ever keep secrets from her daddy. If she does something wrong she must confess and never ever, under any circumstances keep it to herself. If she is ever found out keeping secrets Little will be punished.

3 – Little Must Wake Up at a Set Time

Without the watchful eye of her Daddy it is highly likely that Little may start to lounge around in bed. If Little has to wake up at a certain time when she is with Daddy this rule should continue even when she is away from him. Daddy can make Little send her photographs each morning to prove she is awake and out of bed.

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4 – Little Must Goto Bed at a Set Time

Another of my favorite DDLG long distance rules is that Little must have a set bedtime each night. In most DDLG relationships Daddy will set a specific time that his Little has to be in bed. This should not change just because of a long distance relationship. Daddy should make Little take a photo of herself in bed to prove she is in bed on time. If she fails to be in bed on time or fails to send Daddy a photo then she will be issued a punishment.

5 – Little Must Take at Least One Bath or Shower a Day

Another great rule that Daddy can set for his long distance Little is that she must clean herself daily. At any time this is a great rule for Little as it helps her keep in a regular routine. It is also a great way of Daddy taking care of Little’s most basic of needs. Daddy can also set a rule that Little must send photographic proof that she is bathing. He could even set a specific time of day that she has to bathe.

6 – Little Must Brush Her Teeth Before Bed

Sticking with those all important caregiver rules Little should be made to brush her teeth. She should do this when she gets up and before she goes to bed. Just like the other DDLG long distance rules Little should send Daddy a photo to prove she is taking care of her teeth.

7 – No Talking Back to Daddy

Once again this is a great rule for Little that she should follow whether she is with Daddy or not. Whenever she talks to Daddy on the phone, video call, or text messages she should never talk back.

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8 – Never Ever Harm Yourself

It is not uncommon for Little’s to self-harm when they are in distress. What could cause more distress for a Little than being far away from her caregiver? For this very reason the rule should be put in place that Little is to never ever harm herself. If she does harm herself Little should remember rule 2. This is the rule that states Little must never ever keep secrets from Daddy.

9 – Little Should Not Watch Netflix More That Three Hours a Day

Daddy should put a rule in place where Little is limited to how much television she can watch a day. It would be unhealthy for her mental health if she is given freedom over her viewing habits. Daddy can even use the Netflix activity log to check up on his Little’s viewing habits each day.

10 – Little Must Eat Two Portions of Vegetables Every Day

Any responsible Daddy will undoubtedly understand his responsibility when it comes to taking care of Little. With this in mind it will be a great idea to include in the rules that Little must eat at least two portions of vegetables each day. Little should be instructed to send photos of her eating vegetables to her Daddy. This means she is accountable each day.

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