DDLG Long Distance Punishments

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DDLG Long Distance Punishments - Punishments for Little

Just because Daddy and Little are apart does not mean they cannot continue with their DDLG relationship. All that is some rules, rewards and some DDLG long distance punishments.

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DDLG Long Distance Punishments

For those of you who are in a DDLG long distance relationship you may well find yourself struggling for ideas. Here we will list some simple ideas for DDLG long distance punishments for Littles. These are to be used when your Little breaks the rules her Daddy sets for her.

1 – Stand in the Corner for 20 Minutes

A great punishment for your Little is to make her stand in the corner for 20 minutes. This forces her to acknowledge what she has done. It also allows her the time to think about what she has done. Daddy can have Little video herself standing in the corner so he knows she is actually doing as she is told.

This is a great punishment to issue if Little talks back to Daddy.

2 – Goto Bed An Hour Early

Another great idea to use as a punishment would be to knock an hour off Little’s bedtime. If she usually has to be in bed by 8pm tell her she has to be in bed by 7pm. Have her take a photo of herself in bed to prove she is genuinely in bed. Alternatively you could use a security cam which streams over the internet to keep a close eye on her.

This would be a great punishment to use if you were to find out Little had stayed up past her bedtime on another night.

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3 – Write Lines

Writing lines is a great way to punish your Little when she misbehaves. Have her write out 100 times that she will not break the rules or will try harder to be a good girl.

This is a great punishment if you want Little to learn something. After all repeating something over and over is an effective way to learn.

4 – Spank Herself on the Lips

Since you are not with your Little it is difficult to issue physical punishments. However this does not mean you cannot have Little issue her own physical punishments. A great punishment to issue is having Little spank herself on the lips.

This is a great punishment idea if you learn that Little has lied to you. It is worth saying that this punishment should not be issued if Little enjoys spanking.

5 – Kneel On Objects

Thinking of physical punishments over a long distance can certainly be difficult. Difficult but not impossible. Why not issue a punishment where Little has to kneel on hard objects that will cause her discomfort. Objects such as pencils will work well.

This is a great punishment to issue if you discover Little has failed to d her chores.

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6 – No Daddy Contact For the Day

There are always going to be times when Little does something extremely bad. When she does do something bad you are going to need the ultimate in DDLG long distance punishments. For pretty much any Little the ultimate punishment would be to have no Daddy contact for the entire day. Make sure you tell her that you are withdrawing contact for the day but secretly check up on her throughout the day. After all as a Daddy Dom you still have responsibilities to your Little.

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