What is a CNC Kink?

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What is a CNC Kink? - What is RapePlay? - What is Rape Play? - What is Consensual Non-Consent?In recent years more and more couples are growing more comfortable with exploring various kinks together. If you have an interest in BDSM and bondage there is a good chance you you have heard of Consensual Non-Consent (CNC). So, what is a CNC kink?

What is a CNC Kink?

Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) – is also known and referred to as rape play. It is a form of sexual play that takes place between consenting adults. This play revolves around one adult doing unpleasant, even harmful things to the other. The other person then acts and looks like they are not enjoying and not consenting.

Possibly the most important part of this kink must take place before any harmful interactions take place. It is vitally important, essential even, for all consenting adults to sit down together. They can then use this time to discuss and carefully negotiate the limits of all Consensual Non-Consent (CNC) interactions.

The person who is being attacked must carefully think about and carefully state their limits. Once such limits have been carefully stated it is essential that the “attacker” does not stray from these boundaries. Most couples will set what is commonly referred to as a “safe word”. Having a safe word allows consenting adults to act out the scene and can say “no, stop!” without the play being stopped (of course this has to be agreed first). However, if the person being attacked decides they want to stop at any point they can use their unique safe word. Choosing and unusual safe word such as “red” or “tree” allows consenting couples to submerge themselves deeper in the play as these are words that are very unlikely to be said during such interactions.

To an outsider this type of play may well look like a violent sexual assault. It may also very likely look like someone is being manipulated into having sex against their will. It will also likely involve slapping, hitting, or the attacker saying degrading things.

The most important thing to remember with CNC kink play is that everything is consented to in advance. If the person being attacked is saying “no”, shouting, crying, looks miserable, or even in pain it has all been agreed in advance. The person being attack can use the agreed safe work and the play will stop immediately.

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