How Much Does A Sex Doll Cost

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How Much Does A Sex Doll Cost - What is the Price of a Sex Doll

Anyone looking to buy a sex doll will more than likely wonder how much does a sex doll cost? After all if you buy a sex doll you will find such a purchase is anything but cheap. Certainly, this is the case if you are intending to buy any sex doll that is worth owning.

So, How Much Does A Sex Doll Cost?

When it comes to how much a sex doll you pretty much might as well ask how long is a piece of string. It is possible to buy a cheap sex doll costing as little as $100. On the other hand it is also possible to buy a high end sex doll costing $20,000.

The most obvious thing here is that you buy a sex doll that is within your budget. If money is no object we cannot recommend RealDoll enough. This is a California based sex doll manufacturer that is well known for producing the most lifelike and realistic sex dolls on earth.

If a RealDoll is beyond your price range we would highly recommend you checking out the likes of Sex Doll Genie. This online retailer stocks and sells some seriously awesome sex doll. The products they stock range from less than $1,000 all the way up to more than $10,000. You can check out their huge catalog of sex dolls here.

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