How to be Dominant Over Text

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How to be Dominant Over Text Messages - BDSM Sexting - Dom Over Text - Bondage Sexting - Control Your Sub Over Text

If you are wanting to dominate your sub over text you probably already know that it is not the easiest thing to do. This is a list of some of the best ideas and suggestions on how to be dominant over text messages.

How to be Dominant Over Text

For those wanting to learn how to be dominant over text it is important you realise one simple rule. Do NOT, under any circumstances, send text messages like these to just any woman. You most certainly should not send this style of text messages unless you have agreed with the recipient before hand.

Here are 7 great ideas for how to be dominant over text messages.

1 – Your Favorite Outfit

Anyone who is new to the BDSM bondage scene will love this super easy idea for dominant text message. If you are meeting your girl for a date night you why not send her a text instructing her to wear your favorite outfit. It is well documented that many subs find making decisions extremely stressful. If you order you sub on what to wear you are making things easy for her.

Even if you are not really into BDSM and simply want to spice things up this is a great idea.

Text Her – When I get home tonight I want you to be wearing those high heels I like.

Text Her – When you meet me tonight I want you to be wearing stockings with that short skirt and black choker.

When you encounter her she will be dressed perfectly for you to enjoy.

2 – Kneeling Selfie

This type of text message is perfect if it is sent at a random time and unexpectedly. It is the perfect way to instantly take her away from the everyday word and plunge her into a submissive mode.

Text Her – Get on your knees and take a photo of yourself looking up at the camera. Make sure your mouth is open and you have your tongue out. I want you to send me that picture so I can imagine and see what I am going to be fucking later. You have an hour to send it to me.

The fact you have placed a time limit on your demand increases the pressure on her to serve you. If she is in the shops or at work she will have to sneak off somewhere quiet to take the photo. Of course you do not have to specifically have to have her on her knees. You can literally choose any position you desire.

3 – Butt Plug In Public

How to be Dominant Over Text Messages - BDSM Sexting - Dom Over Text - Bondage Sexting - Control Your Sub Over TextRegardless of your opinion on butt plugs they still remain a taboo subject. Whether you are using one at home or in public there seems to be something forbidden about them. It is for this very reason that they are so darn hot. If you have your sub walk around all day wearing a butt plug she is going to have a constant feeling of fullness. This will give her a constant reminder of how good it will feel when you take her when she gets home. It is also an awesome way to train your sub for anal sex.

Text Her – I think you need more anal training if you are going to serve me better. I want you to wear a butt plug today while you are at work. You need to take a photo and send it to me so you can prove you are wearing it.

4 – Choosing Her Clothes

This is very similar to having her wear your favorite outfit. The difference is here is this is a much easier way of domming her remotely. You simply ask her to text her photos of some clothes that she might like to wear today. Then you choose which of the selection she will wear. Make sure you ask her about her plans for the day. After all you do not want to have her wearing a mini skirt with stockings if she is going to a funeral.

Text Her – You are going to send me photos of four tops you like. I am then going to tell you which I want you to wear.

5 – Denial of Orgasm

This happens to be an extremely enjoyable form of punishment. The idea is that you instruct her that under no circumstances is she aloud to have an orgasm without your express permission. Of course permission is something you will continuously refuse throughout the week until you see her.

This will prove to be exceptionally frustrating especially if she enjoys masturbating. By the time she finally meets up with you she will be begging for you to allow her. This will likely lead to her taking all her built up frustration out on you. No doubt her orgasm will be the most explosive ever.

You can even demand that she has to own up if she has cheated. This gives you the opportunity to spank her if she has had a lack of discipline.

Text Her – Starting right now you and lasting until I see you, your orgasms are mine. You are not aloud to cum without asking me first. I still want you to play with yourself but no orgasms. Understand, little girl?

6 – Notes In Her Panties

This is a basic but effective way to dom your sub remotely. It allows you to encompass so many various aspects of her submission. You are making her write an affirmation that highlights her submissiveness to you. If you are wanting to turn her on use sexual affirmations. On the other hand if you are wanting her to grow use positive affirmations.

This is perfect if she happens to identify as a Little. The very fact she has to write this out is something she will likely love. She may even slip into Little Space especially if you tell her to choose what color pen to use.

Text Her – Get yourself dressed then grab a small piece of paper and a pen. Your Daddy has a task for you. I want you to write on the paper “I’m a good little slut for my Daddy.” I want you to then fold up the piece of paper and wear it in your panties. You are not to remove it until I text you later.

Here are some other ideas as to what you can have your sub write on the paper :-

  • I am always a good girl for daddy.
  • I will suck my masters cock while he watches his favorite porn movie.
  • I am always an obedient servant.
  • I have been a very bad girl and I deserve to be punished. (this is a superb one to use if your sub loves receiving punishments and it acts a reminder of what is in store for her.)
  • I am a good little slut.I amĀ  a good pet for my Daddy.

7 – Drinking Water

If you are new to this type of play you may be unaware that not all dom and sub interactions have to be sexual. This is a perfect way to be dominant over text in non-sexual way. This is a way of helping her improve by ordering her to drink water. You do not to specifically use water as you could instruct her to eat fruit for example. There is also the option of banning her from eating sweets or drinking soda.

It is important that you know for certain she enjoys the non-sexual dynamic of this form of dominance.

Text Her :- I want you to drink 6 glasses of water today. And I want you to have them all drank by 5pm. I want you to send me a photo of you refilling your glass and drinking the water.

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