What Are Sex Toys For Couples

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What Are Sex Toys For Couples - Interactive Sex Toys

The world has certainly lost many of the stereotypes surrounding adult sex toys. However, we really should be getting rid of all them. For example it seems pretty normal for a single woman to own a sex toy but a little strange for a man to own a male masturbator or even a sex doll. This is before we even mention sex toys that are aimed at couples. Many of you may even be wondering what are sex toys for couples?

What Are Sex Toys For Couples

The truth is that the majority of women who own a sex toy are actually in a relationship. In fact more and more women are actually using their sex toys with their partners. What does not yet seem as popular is the use of sex toys for men in the bedroom. However, this is certainly going to changes as more and more manufacturers are developing toys specifically aimed at couples.

So, What Exactly Are Sex Toys For Couples

Put simply couples sex toys are a his and hers device. These devices are usually capable of syncing up together usually using Bluetooth or an everyday internet connection. Of course there are more basic toys that can be used by couples. In many cases such toys are sold as sets which include the likes of a vibrator of some description for the woman and a male masturbator.

What is truly wonderful about these sets is how they allow couples to enjoy stimulation mutually. The majority of women find if difficult if not impossible to climax without clitoris stimulation. The beauty of specific sets designed for couples is how they allow for such stimulation while offering something for the male in the process. That has to be a win win situation for everyone.

What About Couples In Long Distant Relationships

One of the biggest questions is about what happens to couples when they are apart. Is there such a thing as sex toys that can work for couples when they are not together? What happens if you are in a relationship and 1000’s of miles separate you? Perhaps you are in a different county to your loved one. Maybe even a totally different a continent? Is there a sex toy out there that could make these people feel closer? A way where couples could share an astonishing level of intimacy regardless of distance?

So, what is this technology called. It is called Teledildonics. This technology allows you to to sync a his and hers sexy toy together. All that is needed is an internet connection. Once they tow devices are synced it is possible for two partners to feel exactly what the other is feeling in realtime. How amazing is that. Just imagine the level of intimacy you could maintain in a long distance relationship with this technology.

For us this is exactly what this technology aimed at couples is all about. you don’t even need to be in a long distance relationship. Perhaps you are apart because of work commitments. Maybe you are not living together yet. Such interactive sex toys that are aimed at couples are perfect for any couple who happens to be apart.

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