Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll

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If you ever find yourself looking for the perfect movies to watch with your sex doll you are in the right place. You can be forgiven if you think you are the only person who has fallen in love with your sex doll; or at least developed strong feelings for her. The simple truth is that most people who own a sex doll end up developing strong feelings towards her.  This inevitably leads to you searching for girlfriend experience ideas that you can share with your sex doll.

What better girlfriend experience could you possibly share with your sex doll than relaxing with the perfect movie? Something that you will both love.

Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll

This obviously leads us to the question – what are the best movies to watch with your sex doll? Well, the great thing about the movie ideas suggest here is that they are something you will both love. These are movies that you will both relate to and, undoubtedly, bond over. The perfect evening with your sex doll.

Weird Science

Best Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies

When it comes to movies to watch with your sex doll you really cannot go wrong with the 1985 movie Weird Science. In fact Weird Science could be the perfect guilty pleasure that you can share together.

The perfect date night movie.

Weird Science tells the story of two high school nerds who develop and use a computer program to create the perfect women. Surely this sounds familiar to us all. The perfect woman they create happens to be the legendary sex symbol that is Kelly LeBrock.

You really could not choose a better movie to celebrate the relationship you and your doll share.

If you happen to be someone who already loves this movie you can even buy sex dolls that have a striking resemblance to Kelly LeBrock in this movie. This is truly a movie you will both fall in love with and enjoy watching together.

Lars and the Real Girl

This is a truly touching movie that you and your sex doll will enjoy. You will undoubtedly find this story touching and emotional. It stars actor Ryan Gosling who has made a name for himself in movies like Notebook.

Best Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies

The lead character is a guy named Lars Lindstrom. He is a man who has led a secluded and sheltered life. his mother died through complications when he was born. This tragic event led to his grieving father to become distant from Lars and his brother. Life took a further downward spiral when his brother leaves town only to return so he can claim his share of the fathers inheritance.

Everything builds up which leads Lars to a point in life where he avoids social contact at all cost. His brothers wife invites him for dinner. He declines. A woman a work shows a romantic interest in him. He avoids her. He goes on living in a converted garage all alone with as little social contact as possible.

His whole world changes when a real sex doll named Bianca enters his world. He quickly begins to find great comfort in her company. What is truly beautiful about this movie is the way Lars treats his sex doll as a real living human. He builds a truly special bond with her.

Eve of destruction

This movie is something a little bit different and a great choice of  movies to watch with your sex doll. The great thing about this movie is that it can be your choice of movie to watch. Your doll can choose the various chick flicks to watch but this is an action based movie that she will actually enjoy.

Eve of Destruction is about a female cyborg who is developed and looks just like her creator, Renée Soutendijk. A malfunction sends her off the rails turning her into a walking nuclear bomb. A terrorist hunter is hired to hunt her down before she destroys the entire city. This is one of the best movies to watch with your sex dolls if you love blondes and love women wearing black sheer pantyhose.


Best Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies

This is a movie that is not quite sex doll or cyborg related but it certainly has that feel about it. Legendary actor Al Pacino stars as a film producer who has his movie threatened when his lead actress quits.

He ends up meeting a guy who is dying from some for of cancer having spent far too long creating a computer program. The computer program is a digital AI which can be used as an actress. As you will have guessed the AI that has been developed is named Simone who is played by sexy blonde Rachel Roberts.

Simone becomes an overnight sensation with everyone thinking she is a real person. This is such an easy and fun watch. The perfect entertainment for a night at home with your sex doll.


This movie has some serious emotional depth about it. You will watch this and come away feeling even more connected with your sex doll than you ever dreamt possible.

AI tells the story of David, an android child that has been created by a company named, Cybertronics. He has been designed to desire love and give love towards his foster mother. This journey of love is anything but pleasant for David. Take the time and consider that humans do not live forever and a robot like David will last somewhat longer. Imagine his despair when the inevitable happens.

Both you and your sex doll will come away from this movie connected and considering the deeper meaning of life. Not to mention the ethics of creating such emotionally vulnerable AI such as David.

Ex Machina

Best Movies to Watch With Your Sex Doll - Sex Doll Movies

This is a truly awesome movie to watch with your sex doll especially if you harbor fantasies about your sex doll being dominant with you. Ex Machina is about a programer by the name Caleb Smith. He works for a search engine company, think Google, named Blue Book.

Caleb wins a one week visit to the isolated home of the companies CEO, Nathan Bateman. When he gets there he is introduced to a female humanoid named Ava. Nathan explains he wants Caleb to spend the week with her and study her. The idea is that Caleb should report whether or not he feels she is capable of true emotion, thoughts, and consciousness.

With plenty of twists and turns along the way Ex Machina is one of the best movies to watch with your sex doll.


This is a really nice movie that both you and your sex doll will undoubtedly enjoy. It tells the story of Theodore Twombly. He is a man who suffers from introversion, depression, and loneliness. As a result of this he develops a relationship with an artificially intelligent virtual assistant named Samantha.

He works for a company which hires professional writers who compose letters for people who are unable to write letters of a personal nature for themselves. Facing a divorce from his wife Catherine Theodore decides to buy an operating system upgrade that features an artificial intelligence enabled virtual assistant. This system is so advanced it even has the ability to evolve and adapt.

Choosing a female voice for the AI he decides her name will be Samantha. He becomes amazed with her ability to learn and advance psychologically. It does not take lone for Theodore to bond with is AI virtual assistant as they talk about different things. They even end up falling in love.

As you can imagine this movie is likely to strike an emotional response for both you and your sex doll.


There are plenty of movies to watch with your sex doll. We will all have different ideas of which movie is best. Why not leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite movies are that you have shared with your sex doll.

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