Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

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Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

There must be a huge number of people out there who would love nothing better than having sex with the hugely popular singer. The closest any of us will ever get to living out such a fantasy is a Taylor Swift sex doll which is what our Taylor Swift sex doll review is all about.

It is worth pointing out that the Taylor Swift sex doll is not officially a replica of the singer. The doll just happens to look remarkably like her.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

While the Taylor Swift sex doll is quite obviously an officially licensed product, nor is it an exact replica of the celebrity singer, it does have a remarkable likeness to the singer.

The big questions are – Is the Taylor Swift se doll any good – and – Should you buy the Taylor Swift se doll?

Our Taylor Swift sex doll review will help answer those very questions.

Height 5 Feet 5 Inches (165cm)
Weight 77 lbs (35kg)
Breast Size F-Cup
Chest Size 33 Inches
Waist Size 24 Inches
Hips Size 34 Inches
Vaginal Depth 7 Inches
Oral Depth 6 Inches
Anal Depth 5 Inches
Material TPE
Manufacturer 6Ye Doll

Highly Realistic

Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

The Taylor Swift sex doll, while not a perfect replica of the singer, is a highly realistic doll. It certainly looks remarkably lifelike and very much like a real woman. It is somewhat difficult to look at the Taylor Swift sex doll and not appreciate just how far such products have come in recent years. The days of cheap looking inflatable dolls are well and truly gone.

Nowadays the likes of this stunning looking doll are designed and manufactured to look exceptionally realistic. having had the pleasure of using this product for a month we personally found that it featured a huge number of highly accurate attributes.

We found that attributes such as the dolls hair, eyes, and skin tone were exceptionally realistic. Even the way this doll can be positioned oozed a high degree of realism. What really stood out about this doll is the insane level of attention to detail that has clearly went into making the skin look so lifelike.


Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

It is certainly difficult to deny that this is an extremely sexy and feminine looking doll. She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall with an exceptionally toned body with curves in all the right places. At 5 feet 5 inches tall this doll is slightly shorter than the real Taylor Swift.

Other than her exceptionally lifelike appearance and highly attractive facial features the first thing you notice about this doll is her large F-Cup breasts. These huge breasts combined with her 33 inch chest really highlights how athletic she looks.

Moving further down her body she has a 22 inch waist and 34 inch hips. When you couple these measurements with her large breast this doll has a mouthwatering hourglass figure which you will struggle to take your eyes off.

This doll weighs 77 lbs (33kg) which makes her a lot lighter than the real Taylor Swift and lighter than most real women. However this in no way takes anything away from how realistic this doll is to use. The fact this doll is somewhat lighter than a real woman is actually a huge benefit. The dolls lightweight make it much easier to move around and position into a ride range of poses.

Manufactured from TPE

Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

The Taylor Swift sex doll features skin which is manufactured from high quality TPE, also known as Thermoplastic Elastomer.

For a long time silicone has been considered that material of choice for sex dolls but TPE is quickly becoming just as popular.

A TPE doll is much cheaper to manufacture than a silicone doll which is often reflected in the price. It is certainly reflected in the price of the Taylor Swift sex doll.

TPE is also much easier to mould and sculpt into a realistic looking skin. This means that not only are the materials cheaper but the also the manufacturing process.

Fully Positionable Metal Skeleton

What gives this doll its shape and realistic human appearance is a metal skeleton which features moveable joints. Just as a human skeleton is made up of bones this sex doll has a skeleton that is made up of lightweight highly durable steel.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

The metal skeleton that makes up the frame of this sex doll features joints which move in the exact same way as a real human. This allows the doll to be positioned in any positioned a real woman could achieve with great ease. There is quite literally no position that the Taylor Swift sex doll will refuse to try with you.

It is worth pointing out that should you want to position this doll in a standing position you will need to choose the upgraded feet option at the point of purchase. Without the upgraded feet option this doll will be unable to stand on her own without the aid of some form of support. Personally, we feel that with the upgraded feet option costing less than $100 you would likely regret not choosing this upgrade option.

Provides All Forms of Sex

The great thing about sex dolls is that they are always willing and will never refuse you any sex act. The Taylor Swift sex doll is no different. Always willing to please and always willing to satisfy any sexual fantasy no matter how big or small.

The Taylor Swift sex doll features a vagina which is 7 inches deep, an anus which is 6 inches deep, and a mouth which is 5 inches deep. Each hole looks and feels exceptionally realistic and provides the exact same pleasurable sensations as a real woman.


Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

It is hard to imagine anyone buying the Taylor Swift sex doll would want to change anything about her. However, another great thing about sex dolls is that, in most cases, offer a high level of customizations. Some of these must be done at the point of purchase while others can be added at any point.

Firstly, there is the option of changing the skin tone of the doll should her original format not suit your personal preferences. As a standard doll she has quite a pale looking skin. At the point you decide to buy the Taylor Swift sex doll you can choose from no less than seven skin tones ranging from exceptionally pale all the way through to black.

Secondly, you also have the option of changing the color of her eyes. In her original form the Taylor Swift sex doll comes with brown eyes. At the point of purchase you have the option of choosing between brown, green, and blue eyes.

Thirdly, something we would highly recommend, is the chance to upgrade the feet of this doll. The standard feet do not give this doll the ability to stand on her own. If you choose to pay for the upgraded feet she will be able to stand in variety of poses without any support.

Another upgrade that we would highly recommend is the option of a removable vagina. While there is nothing wrong with the standard vagina it is worth considering how much easier your Taylor Swift sex doll will be to clean if you can remove the vagina.

While on the subject of the vagina you can even choose between having pubic hair or not.

Finally, the hair color and style can easily be altered to suit your own tastes. For us we personally like the hair that comes as standard as this is what truly makes this a realistic Taylor Swift sex doll. With that said since the hair is so easily changed you can always buy several hair pieces and change them depending on what mood you are in on any specific day.


Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

When it comes to options what we would highly recommend is that you buy a sex doll specific case. It is true that such cases are expensive. However when you consider how much of your hard earned money you will be spending on your Taylor Swift sex doll a little extra for a doll specific case is well worth it. Especially if this means your doll will be well protected and remain discreetly hidden when not in use.

Price and Value

It is fair to say that the Taylor Swift sex doll is considerably more expensive than the old fashioned inflatable sex dolls you could buy for a few dollars. However, this is a sex doll which is of a much higher quality and exceptionally realistic.

It is worth considering it is not uncommon to see what is considered a high-end sex doll on sale for more than $10,000. If you compare that to the modest pricing of the Taylor Swift sex doll it is somewhat difficult to argue this is exceptional value for money.

Considering the Taylor Swift sex doll is highly realistic, looks like Taylor Swift, and can provide you with every form of sex imaginable it is difficult to believe this doll is so cheaply priced.

What We Like About the Taylor Swift Sex Doll

The very fact this doll looks like Taylor Swift is undoubtedly something that anyone, not only us, will love about this product. After all would not jump at the chance of spending some time with this beautiful singer even if this closest any of us will ever get.

We really love the excellent price tag of this doll as well as the fact it looks and feels exceptionally realistic. It is very uncommon that you will find a sex doll which is so well priced while still being of such a high quality.

There is also the fact that this doll is capable of providing every form of sex in any position you can imagine. How could anyone not like that?

What We Do No Like About the Taylor Swift Sex Doll

Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

There really is not a lot that we can find to complain about with the Taylor Swift sex doll. If we had to pick one thing we would like to change is the height of the doll. The height of the doll cannot really be considered a bad point but it would have been nice if it was the same height as the singer.

There is also the fact that the doll is sold naked which means you will have to buy clothes for her. Of course this could be considered a huge positive as you can dress her as your ultimate sexual fantasy.


Overall, we feel this is an exceptionally fantastic sex doll. It is of an exceptional high quality, look and feels extremely lifelike, and can provide every form of sex imaginable. You really will struggle to find a better quality doll for this price.

The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy a fantastic sex doll and happen to love the idea of having sex with Taylor Swift then this is the doll you should be buying.

Taylor Swift Sex Doll Review

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