Kiiroo Titan Review

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Having has this device for several weeks to play around with I figured now was as good as time as any for my Kiiroo Titan review. The majority of people who land here will undoubtedly want to know if the Kiiroo Titan is any good and if it is worth buying. Well, hopefully your questions will be answered here.

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Kiiroo Titan Review – Quick Look

Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

The first thing that I must point out in this Kiiroo Titan review is that this is not an automatic stroker. This male masturbator requires the user to actually masturbate with it. This device is used very much like a Fleshlight. If you are wanting an automatic male masturbator you need to be looking at the likes of the Fleshlight Launch or the Kiiroo Onyx +.

What the Kiiroo does offer over a Fleshlight is that it vibrates. Not only does this device vibrate it offers various forms of connectivity. It is possible to connect the Kiiroo Titan to your lovers smartphone for them to control. This feature allows your lover to control the Titan from anywhere in the world. There is also the option of syncing the Titan with thousands of your favorite adult movies and virtual reality porn experiences. Once synced the Kiiroo Titan replicates the action that you see on the screen.

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Kiiroo Titan – Experience

The most important part of this Kiiroo Titan review to most people will be what the device is like to use.

The Kiiroo Titan is a manual stroker that vibrates. Inside the sleeve is three rows of three bullets running the length of the device. These allow the vibrations to be targeted depending on the mode you are running the device in. If the Kiiroo Titan is not synced to a smartphone or other device it has six different modes.

Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

Firstly there is full automatic mode. What this mode does is create a sensation where the focus of the vibrations feel like they are moving up and down the sleeve. Secondly there is what is called a targeted mode. This mode creates vibrations in any specific are of the sleeve that you choose. There is also a targeted power mode which is identical only the vibrations are more intense.

Pulse mode does exactly what the name suggests. It produces vibrations in pulses which feels very much like some one squeezing the device around the penis. There is also a blow mode which creates vibrations which run in one direction up the sleeve. The idea is that this is supposed to create the sensation of oral sex. Finally there is a stamina mode. This mode generates extremely intense vibrations which as supposed to help you develop your sexual stamina.

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What really makes the Kiiroo Titan special is the fact it is compatible with This is a technology that allows you to connect the device to any smartphone or tablet. Simply download the required app and pair the Titan to your device and it is ready to go. Once you are connected the the Titan replicates the action you are watching on screen. If the woman in the adult movie is bouncing up and down on the guy then the vibrations will move up and down the sleeve in time with what you are watching. This even works with any smartphone based virtual reality system. It is even possible to have your lover control this device from anywhere in the world using their smartphone.

The question I am sure every is asking is – how realistic is this? Well, if you are comparing it to having sex with a real woman it is nowhere near the same. After all a real woman does not vibrate. If you were to use the Kiiroo Titan with the power turned off it does indeed feel similar to a woman. However, when the power is turned on, regardless of whether it is replicating what is on the screen or simply running in one of the six modes the realism vanishes. This is not a male sex toy that is designed to feel realistic and lifelike. In my opinion this device is designed for intense stimulation which makes it a superb sexual stamina training device.

Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

Although the Kiiroo Titan does not feel realistic does not mean it is an unenjoyable toy. The Kiiroo Titan is actually one of the most intensely enjoyable and insanely stimulating sex toys I have ever had the pleasure of using. Realsitc – no! Highly enjoyable and insanely stimulating – yes!

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Kiiroo Titan Review – Design

What really stood out to me when I first opened the box of my Kiiroo Titan was its size. Since I already own a Fleshlight Launch I was pretty impressed that this device was so much smaller. This makes it much easier to hold, store, and even take away on holiday.

The device is approximately the same length as a Fleshlight and is circular in its design. According to the official dimensions the Kiiroo Titan measures 221mm x 87mm and weighs 857g.  It’s completely black with four buttons, including the power button, and a ribbed texture designed to make it easier to grip when in use. Each button has a different function including vibration mode and power of the vibrations. You can also use these buttons to control your partners Kiiroo Titan.

The side of the case opens which gives access to the internal sleeve. This is something that I found quite unique as this is the first male masturbator I have seen that does this. Once the device is open you can see that the sleeve is held in place by the three string like prongs which contain the vibrating bullets.

On the bottom of the unit you will find the charging port. This port is covered with a water-resistant cap. It is worth pointing out at this point in this Kiiroo Titan review that this device is not waterproof. The cap is merely there to prevent splashes of whatever liquid finding its way into the charging port.

Overall, the design of the Kiiroo Titan has impressed me. It looks sleek, is easy to hold and use, and the size and weight of the device is excellent. When you compare it to the bulky Fleshlight Launch the Kiiroo Titan wins without any competition.

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Kiiroo Titan – Features

Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

In total the Kiiroo Titan has seven different modes of operation.

  • 1 – Interactive :- This mode allows the device to be connected to another device which then is capable of controlling it. You can have your lover control it from anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can connect it to your smartphone or tablet and have it sync with your favorite adult movie.
  • 2 – Targeted Vibrations :- This mode allows you to control where you want the vibrations to be. Simply select the top, middle, or bottom button and this is where the vibrations will target this area.
  • 3 – Targeted Power :- This mode is very similar to the targeted vibrations mode. You can combine vibrations from the bullets to focus on the bottom, the middle, or all nine bullets together.
  • 4 – Automatic :- Other than the interactive mode this is most peoples favorite. The vibrations move up and down the sleeve and you can control the speed at which they move. This mode is the closest to intercourse of all the modes.
  • 5 – Blow :- The bullets vibrate from low to high in an attempt to recreate the sensation of oral sex.
  • 6 – Pulse :- This mode creates vibrations from low to high in a loop pausing at the end of each loop.
  • 7 – Stamina :- This is undoubtedly the most intense mode of them all. The vibrations move up and down and varying intensities. In most instances you can expect this mode to finish you off within thirty seconds.

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Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

The Kiiroo Titan is powered by a rechargeable 1,000mAh battery. I cannot tell you how glad I was when I realised I did not have to start fitting the likes of AAA batteries. The official operating time of the Titan is 40 minutes from a single charge. This has proven to be quite an accurate figure not that I have managed to last 40 minutes when using it though.

If I am honest given the current battery technology that is available it would have been nice to see a more generous battery life. However I suspect that longer battery life would increase the price of the device. It is not as if you are likely to last the entire 40 minutes. I would recommend you put the Kiiroo Titan after each use. The last thing you want is for the battery to die when you are right in the middle of using it. Overall I have to admit the battery life has annoyed me. Mainly because it takes around three hours to charge the Titan.

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The sleeve inside the Kiiroo Titan feels very similar to a Fleshlight. In fact it is fair to say it feels very much like real skin only a little stickier. Do not worry about the stickiness as this disappears when you apply some lubrication.

Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

The sleeve is removable from the main unit for the purpose of cleaning. I must admit that the first time I removed the sleeve I found the process more than a little worrying. With that said once you have removed the sleeve the first time the process does indeed become much easier.

In order to remove the sleeve you must open the case then slide the it off the prongs which contain the vibrating bullets. The first time I tried this I was terrified that the force I was applying would snap the prongs. I would certainly recommend the use of caution the first time you do this. I would also recommend when you refit the sleeve that you apply a touch of lubrication to each of the holes that the prongs slide into. This greatly helps removing the sleeve next time.

One thing I really like about the Kiiroo Titan is that you can fit various different sleeves into the unit.

Kiiroo Titan Review – Overall

Overall I must admit that this Kiiroo Titan review rates this gadget as a highly impressive male sex toy. If you are looking for a male sex toy that feels realistic then this is not the toy you should be buying. However, if you are looking for a hugely enjoyable and highly stimulating sex toy this is what you should be buying. The overall experience is more of a buzz than a realistic vagina experience. The experience is truly mind blowing.

The design of the Kiiroo Titan is fantastic. I love how small and lightweight the device is. I also love how sleek it looks combined with how easy it is to use and hold. When compared to other vibrating male strokers it certainly comes out on top.

The one thing I feel lets the Kiiroo Titan down is the battery life. However, it will only be on the rarest of occasions you manage to last longer than the battery.

The most impressive things about the Kiiroo Titan is the fact it can sync up to your favorite adult movie and the price tag. You will struggle to find a better value vibrating stroker with this level of connectivity anywhere. The buzzing experience will not be for everyone but for those who enjoy this form of stimulation this product is truly out of this world.

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Kiiroo Titan Review - Is The Kiiroo Titan Any Good - Should I Buy the Kiiroo Titan

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